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Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles

By NU Athletic Communications

Q: Have you ever seen a call like that before?
A: No. Nope I've never seen a call like that.

Q: What was the call?
A: Flagrant One or flagrant whatever number. I thought there was contact on the pivot before you just call the first foul, but it's tough. Everybody's in a tough spot in that situation. Now I got a bad interpret. I was told it was a point of interruption so it was supposed to be our ball breaking the press and that's not the interpretation, apparently. I don't know. I'm going to tell you right now I don't know. That's a new one and I'll be an expert by the end of the day.

Q: Speaking of foul shots, you guys were perfect at the line and it really counted down the stretch. How much did free throw shooting help?
A: Well free throw shooting is for us a mental toughness. You know it's just about doing the same thing. It's like a golf swing, it's a skill. You know nobody's guarding you. It's just you and yourself doing the same thing over and over so you have to stick to your routine. Shavon (Shields) hit some big ones and Brandon (Ubel) hit some big ones.

Q: Coach, can you just talk about Shavon's performance today?
A: We almost had a triple double; I just informed him he had six turnovers too. I got to keep those freshmen aligned and he's been tremendous the last two games. He just keeps getting better and better. I think I told him the other day that there's no ceiling here, there's no ceiling. Don't just be happy with 18 or whatever it might be because the skies the limit. Just keep playing and expand your game. You got a great opportunity here to build this program right with us and he's got a chance to be a really, really good player. Tonight was critical and he was huge. I think he's just going to get better and get better.

Q: Defensively, you did a very good job against (D.J.) Newbill and (Jermaine) Marshall. How did you do that?
A: We had too. That was the key to the game, you know. The first thing was getting those two, cutting the head off the monster, screen and role defense and than box out and rebound. I thought that we did a nice job of not letting those guys get a head of steam. They're so physical, they're great at going in and kind of seeking contact and bouncing you off and scoring the ball. They're really strong guys. That backcourt with (Tim) Frazier next year is going to be really good.

Q: Coach, can you talk about your team's ability to withstand Penn State runs?There were some big runs at you. You guys always seem to come back and make another run of your own.
A: Yeah, I was curious to see how that was going to work out too. I thought the guys just always composed themselves and I didn't feel it was necessary to call timeouts and shepherd them through it. They just kind of handled it on their own, whether it was just a big strong play, driving the ball. Ray Gallegos hit a three, a very important three one time. We just did a good job and than Benny Parker, the freshman, did a good job. We had that one stretch where I think we had like two or three raids with Gallegos and (Dylan) Talley and Benny Parker where we got some turnovers. That was a critical part of the game.


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