Jamal Turner is expected to provide explosiveness to the NU receiving corps.
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Jamal Turner

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football
Fan Day Press Conference
Friday, Aug. 2, 2013
Jamal Turner
Jr., Wide Receiver
On how the receiving corps feels about Taylor Martinez saying the strength of the offense is the line
“He’s a quarterback for one, and I probably would have said the same thing because they’re blocking for him. I feel like we’re the strength, not the strength, but we’re going to do a lot for the team, which the offensive line will, too. We’re probably the strength of the offense, the wide receivers.”
On what happened during the offseason to help him grow
“I got confidence after the catch against Michigan State. I got confidence and believed in myself. With Taylor being such a great leader, he came to me and said, ‘We could actually use you, we should have been using you and we’re going to look your way a lot more,’ and it hit me as a player. It made me practice harder and prepare. I became a better player all around hearing that from the leader of the team, the quarterback, the guy that gets you the ball. It does something to you and that’s what it did both on and off the field as a person.”
On if he worked on his technique
“I guess you could say that. It just was different, I had never done it before. I’d been a quarterback all of my life and had never ever played wide receiver. Coming to college at the collegiate level, against the best of the best, playing a position I had never played was so hard. I wasn’t used to blocking. I wasn’t used to catching the ball and getting hit because I’d never caught the ball before or anything like that. Guys like Kenny Bell, Tim Marlowe helped me out a lot with route running and things like that. I leaned onto those guys to teach me how to practice, how to be a wide receiver, because I had never done it before.”
On if he misses being a quarterback at all
“Yes, kind of.”
On if he would say he’s part of the best wide receiving corps in the Big Ten
“Yes, we feel like we’re the best in the Big Ten, but I’m sure every receiving corps in the Big Ten feels that way. They’re crazy if they don’t. You need confidence to win. I’m sure everyone feels that way, I know we do.”
On how the offense has addressed the turnover problems
“We feel like it’s from being mentally weak. When you have turnovers, it’s because someone wasn’t focused. That’s one thing we’ve tried to correct in the offseason is to make sure we have better focus. When we do have a turnover, we try to punish ourselves. No one likes to be punished. If someone fumbles then that’s so many runs or up-downs. That’s stuff that we do to address turnovers.”
On how he views the rule changes as an offensive player
“I think there’s one, the Kenny Bell rule, where we can’t hit defenders if they aren’t looking or something like that. We get hit all the time when we’re not looking, so it’s not fair but it’s the game. It’s constantly changing and we understand that, and all we can do is adjust. There’s nothing more we can really do about it, but just play within the rules and just go on.”
On if the team worked on reactions to when penalty calls go against the team
“I’m sure we will in fall camp, but we haven’t up to this point.”
On what Kenny Bell thinks of a rule being named after him
“We just think it’s funny.”
On if he was aware how many fans were talking about him being so close to scoring a lot of times, then finally getting a touchdown
“I wasn’t until after I scored and everybody was tweeting me and saying, ‘We didn’t think you were ever going to score’. I didn’t think I was either, until we called the play from the sideline and I knew the ball was coming to me. When we run that play they only throw the ball to me. When it happened it was just a blessing to score the winning touchdown against Michigan State. I knew I was becoming a better receiver.”
On offseason workouts
“In the off season we hardly even pick up the ball. It’s really just lifting and speed. We’re waiting to see how good we really are once Monday comes and fall camp begins.”
On the offense’s starting point and how much they can grow
“I think when we started our offense last year Coach (Tim) Beck was a new offensive coordinator so it was a little slow. I feel like this year we’re just going to jump right into it. It’s going to be really fast, because I feel like he’s going to put in more plays because we have such a veteran offense that we can open up the playbook a little more. I’m sure he’s going to do that.”


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