Wyoming Player Quotes vs. Nebraska

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Aug. 13, 2013
vs. Wyoming

Wyoming Player Quotes

Junior Wide Receiver, Dominic Rufran
On if the result was disappointing
"It was definitely heartbreaking. The closer ones are definitely more heartbreaking."

On if the game was encouraging
"Definitely. To come in and face a top-25 team like Nebraska and play like we did, it's definitely encouraging. We just have to go to work on Monday and keep up the hard work. We have to continue to be hungry and keep playing football."

On what Brett Smith is like in the huddle
"He's very focused. He's doing good this year stepping up as a leader. He brings us all together and lets us know that it's going to be alright. To know that we have that leader as a quarterback, we know we can trust in him and he'll get the job done."

On the atmospher
"When we got the ball back, the atmosphere was incredible. You could hear both crowds screaming and going crazy. Everybody got the butterflies, both the Nebraska fans and players and the Wyoming fans and players. Everybody was on the edge of their seat wondering what was going to happen next, but you saw the final outcome."

On the Nebraska defense
"You have to give a lot of props to them, their secondary was definitely very effective today. They have a lot of talent in their secondary, specifically. Their linebackers did good as well, but overall you have to give them credit for what they did. There were drives where they stopped us and we had a couple turnovers. You definitely have to give them credit."

Junior Linebacker, Mark Nzeocha
On the Wyoming defense
"Overall, I'm proud of us. We trailed at times by three scores, but we fought our way back. Everyone hustled to the ball and everything. I'm very proud."

On if the stats tell the true story of the game
"I wouldn't say so. It's the Nebraska Cornhuskers. They're a physical running team. At times, they made plays against us, but we came back. We fought back and, as a defense as a whole, I felt like we improved since last year."

On if this game is a confidence booster
"I think so. I feel like we can definitely build on this, especially how we ended the game. We came back out focused and had the will to win the game. I believe we can build on that and go from there."

Senior Free Safety, Marqueston Huff
On what the difference was for them to come back in the game
"We didn't want to lose, that's the biggest thing. It told us a lot about our team. It showed us that we're willing to fight. We have people that aren't going to give up on the game, and they're going to give 100% on every play. Ultimately, that's what we have to do. We were down and Nebraska made a couple of big plays, but we kept fighting and somehow we scratched our way back into the game."

On what he was thinking about when he made his strip play on Taylor Martinez
"Nothing, really. I knew they were going to do the quarterback sneak. If you watch the film, you can see that sometimes (Taylor Martinez) is not as careful with the ball as he needs to be. I saw the ball and saw the opportunity, so I just went for it. I came up with the ball."

On if this game was both encouraging and disappointing
"Most definitely because it says a lot about our team. We were at a point where we were down by like 17 or something like that, but we just kept fighting and kept grinding. We found a way back into the game. When you have a team that's willing to go out there and put it all on the line like that then it says great things about the character of your team."


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