Nebraska Player Quotes vs. Wyoming

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. Wyoming
Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Senior Cornerback Stanley Jean-Baptiste
n his impressions of Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith
"He's a good kid. He's a fast athlete. We just had to contain him in the pocket. He got out of the pocket too much and we broke down on the line and he took advantage."

On if his ability to extend plays hurt Nebraska in the second half
"Yeah, he gave us trouble. Just a little bit. We had to stay in coverage a little longer and by him getting out of the pocket, we had to make an open-field tackle."

On his interception
"On the pick, I was just reading the deep ball because they do a lot of posting, so I just ran to the middle of the field and luckily he ran that post right to me."

On what grade he would give the defense
"I don't know about a grade, but we didn't play very good. We had too many missed assignments. We had a lack of focus, so we have to come out on Monday and go hard."

On the reason for a lack of focus
"I can't really say. I guess just not being ready."

On if Wyoming did anything differently as the game went on
"No. I don't think they did anything different. We just got more relaxed. On the sideline we kept playing around and weren't taking everything seriously. We just lost focus and they battled back."

On the newcomers to the defense
"For their first game, they played pretty good. They probably had some mental errors, but they played hard, they played fast and they helped us get the victory."

On how comfortable he is out there
"I feel a lot more comfortable knowing the defense and knowing the schemes that we have against other teams and what I have to do to help my covers. I feel pretty good."

On how tough it was to match up with Wyoming's motion
"By them doing all the motions, it was too complicated. Everyone just needed to get on the same page. That's one thing we need to work on. Everyone needs to communicate more."

Sophomore Defensive End Randy Gregory
On how his first game at Nebraska was
"It was fun. It's a learning experience. I think it's a lot bigger than I expected, but I think I handled it pretty well and I think I did a pretty good job."

On his sack and the ensuing penalty
"Honestly, I've been playing since I was seven years old. I've never heard of roughing the passer when I actually sack the quarterback. I think I was celebrating after it and I was surprised. I actually thought I was going to get kicked out of the game, but it happens I guess. I just had to go out there and get another one, which I didn't, but next week I will be getting one."

On if it felt like a loss
"I think they said it right. We won by three points, but I think we realized we're better than that and Ameer Abdullah talked to us after the game and he said it the right way. We are better than that and we need to play harder and play more as a team and I think it will show up on the field more."

On the pass rush tonight
"Collectively, yeah. I think I did pretty decent. I need to do some things better, but I think we were out there for a long time on some drives and I think we just kind of got gassed. At the end of the day, I think we have a pretty good group of guys who can rush the passer."

Senior Offensive Lineman Jeremiah Sirles|
On hitting a lull near the end of the game
"We just didn't finish. We talk about being a dominant offensive team, and we didn't come out there and put on the show that we wanted to put on today. It comes back to just earning it during the week. I thought we had a good week of practice, but it just shows that we need to keep working because we're nowhere near where we need to be to go out there and win them all. Because that's the ultimate goal."

On Wyoming stopping the run at the end
"They just ran a four-man front toward the end of the game, over/under. Credit to them, because they stopped us on those last two drives when we needed to get first downs. That can't happen. Fourth-and-ones...we can't not get fourth-and-ones. That's a detriment to the offensive line, and we take full responsibility for that. We're going to get that fixed."

Senior Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa
On his reaction to the game
"It definitely wasn't up to our standards. We definitely didn't attack as often as we could have. There were a few plays left on the field. It was just a learning experience, really. Next time, we're going to come around and play a little different than we did today, obviously. You never want to come out with a win that close against a team that you assume that you can beat. No disrespect to Wyoming at all, but we always assume that we're going to beat every team. That's our mindset when we go out there, and we didn't really execute our game plan as well as we should have."

On being taken out in the fourth quarter
"There's no frustration. When the young guys come in, it's always exciting. You want them to get as many reps as possible. When we're up, we trust them. So when we're up or when we're down, we want them in just to kind of get their feet wet. This is the first game, and we're going to be playing tougher opponents down the road. If they never got in this game, how could we expect them to get in later games? I don't put the interception on anybody. They're young. Obviously, I would've liked to be in. I'm a player and a competitor, and I want to be in. But when the young guys are in, I'm excited just as much."

On his two touchdown receptions
"It was fun, but this is football. I don't want to put too much on it. I'm just playing ball, and it was one game. I don't want to get too excited about this one game and the next game come out and it's a dud. You guys would ask, 'What happened?' I just went out there and executed the game plan. I did what I was supposed to do."

On his touchdown that was reviewed
"I knew I scored. Coach (Rich) Fisher does a great job of working on different drills. That was actually one of the drills we do; not so much diving, but dragging your feet. When we came back to the sideline he said, 'That's just coaching.'  That's one thing he always has to say. He always takes credit for stuff like that, and it's all fun."

On the conservative offense
"I definitely think we were a little conservative, especially when we were having some success throwing the ball, but I'm not the play-caller. I go out there and do exactly what I'm told, and there's no reason for me to dispute a call when we're out there and we're winning. It was a little too conservative for my taste, but when we're winning and the game plan is working, I'm happy all the same.

On the postgame locker room mood
"We weren't very excited. We got a win, and that's always a great feeling, but it wasn't exactly how we wanted it to happen. When you're beating a team by 16 and end up winning by only three, that's not really ideal. We got into the locker room and had a few words. We kind of want to put this in the past, watch the film and get better from the mistakes that were made and come out next week with a better game."

On how they will respond next week
"I think we will respond well. We have a lot of great leaders, great players and great competitors, and nobody liked how the game ended. I think everybody's going to come out Monday with a little bit of fire, and it's going to be a great practice."

On wide receiver Sam Burtch's performance
"He did well. He was out there blocking well. He didn't get too many passes thrown his way, so you can't really judge him on that. He blocked his assignments. He's young so he's going to mess up a few times. That's going to happen with most people, but he did well for his first real time out there."


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