Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christensen Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
Nebraska Football
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013
vs. Wyoming
Wyoming Head Coach Dave Christensen Quotes
Opening statement
"We executed offensively throughout the night, unfortunately we turned the ball over twice in the red zone. When you throw those opportunities away in a game of this magnitude against a team like Nebraska, it is going to be difficult to win. We struggled to get off the field on defense in the second half, but we knew that would happen a little bit in the second half. They (Nebraska) have a pretty darn good offensive line, and a pretty potent offense, and it will be potent this year. So we knew we had to score. When we lost those opportunities that is on me. I called that trick play down there, and we didn’t execute that enough during practice. We throw a pick on it, so we should have put the kid in a safe situation so he could have an opportunity to react in a different way. So that is on us. That is coaching. We know the turnover margin. I talk about it all the time, and our team knows it. It makes the difference in winning and losing a football game, in particular games that are close games. And against opponents on the road, you've got to try to get the edge on that. I thought our kids fought the entire game, there is not one happy person in that locker room. There is a whole bunch of pissed off people, because they know they could have won the football game, but we didn’t make the plays, Nebraska did. Obviously we have great respect for them and bottom line at the end of the game, they had more points than us. Really proud how our kids worked through training camp and through the offseason in preparation for going into the season. It is a long season, and I think tonight's start was a good start for us, but we have work to get done and things to get corrected. We got some guys banged up I think, but we will see where we are at when we go out to practice on Monday. I am really pleased and proud of how our football team came out today and played."
On the game plan
"Our whole goal in this football game, and we talked about it all the way going into it, we needed to be in the football game going into the fourth quarter. We didn't need to have a lead at halftime, we needed to be in the football game in the fourth quarter, because the pressure is not on us. 92,000 out there didn't expect us to win. Pressure was all on them, and we got it to where we wanted it, but we didn't take advantage and make the plays to get it done."
On Wyoming's defense as a whole
"You know I thought at times they played extremely well. I think they got wore out a little bit. That is a big offensive line. Those guys are mammoth. I think our line is pretty good size. I think it just wore on us a little bit. We knew our depth wasn’t great up front. We don’t have eight guys that can play. I thought our guys up there battled. At the end we made some stops, and they made those stops, and that is encouraging. We will learn from this game. I am certainly not going to evaluate our defense based upon how they played against Nebraska. I don’t think that is fair to do."
On Wyoming quarterback Brett Smith's play
"Special. I've been fortunate. I have had a 'special' guy a few times in my career and he fits that bill. He is different from all the other guys. He throws, he can get away, he can run and he is a great competitor and great leader. He did some things in the second half on the sideline with his teammates, which was unbelievable. When times got tough he never lost his focus."
On if he thought offensive opportunities would be there during the game
"I had no idea what we were going to do today. I like this football team. I have told the team and I told my wife, I believe this is the best football team we have ever had. It is real similar to the team I had at my last two years at Missouri, where you love going to work everyday because the kids are such great kids. They buy into what you are doing. They believe in what you are doing. They work hard. They care about each other. They are a family. Shoot, it is a lot of fun. It is going to be a fun year for them."


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