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Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Postgame Quotes
Saturday, Aug. 31, 2013
vs. Wyoming 

Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini Quotes

Opening Statement
"We're one and zero and I'm happy we're one and zero. Obviously, we've got a lot of work to do. I just said to our team, 'Whether you win by three or you win 65-0, it's never as good as you think it is and it's never as bad as you think it is.' I thought they did some good things to us. They caught us in a couple things. They hit us in the right calls defensively early on. I think we settled down a little bit for a while there and started to play better football on both offense and defense, then we hit a lull there at the end. Like I said, there are some good things that will come in this game. There are a lot of things that we need to get fixed. I told our team, 'I hope this serves as an example for you that what I'm saying is true. That every single day is important for this football team.' I said going into the game that we need to make a big jump between week one and week two as far as just being out there for the first time and understanding what it takes - the type of preparation and what you do - to play the best football that you can. I think we'll learn a lot from this game. I know that we as a coaching staff will learn a lot about our football team. We'll learn a lot by watching this film and we'll be better because of it. I'm glad we got a win. I was expecting a lot cleaner performance, but by no means am I panicking because I also saw some good things."

On expecting a cleaner performance
"We didn't play very well offensively. We ran the ball well at times. Our backs made some people miss sometimes. We didn't block some people up front. We were very inefficient on offense. We didn't get a rhythm going all game. I understand we didn't have a lot to go off of as far as what to expect, but we didn't play well at any phase of the game. Not at the standard that we want to play at. We had some penalties that I think hurt us. That's been a point of emphasis. That's been something that we've been very good about during the preseason. The lack of focus, lack of concentration, especially when it's happening on third down, that hurts you."

On Ameer Abdullah's lesser role in the third quarter
"He's not dinged up. He played there some of the fourth quarter. (Terrell) Newby got a hot hand there in the fourth quarter and they stayed with him. I'll look at how the backs played, but I think we need to get a better rhythm going as far as subbing those guys out."

On the deffense
"It wasn't very good tonight. There were some things that were good on them. I saw some good things out there. There was a lot thrown at them. I don't know if it was playing in a first game for a lot of those guys and the adjusments that needed to be made and the empty and the motion empty, but they caught us in a couple plays. There were a couple things we didn't react very well to and a couple times we just didn't make plays. I think we'll learn a lot from it. I haven't changed my assessment of what this team needs to be defensively. I still think we're gonna be just fine. It wasn't like we just got overpowered at times. There were just some things that we didn't react to, which was an experience thing. Maybe an understanding thing. It's hard to put them through all the possible things they're going to see. Especially when we've started the game. We were making different things happen and different calls. All it takes is for one guy not to react the right way and it makes you look bad. It makes you look worse than you are."

On the defense's lull
"They kind of settled in there and we had a couple chances to make our plays. A couple times we'd have a chance to have a sack and a couple times the little yellow hankie should have come up and it didn't. It is what it is. We had our chances to make some plays there and we didn't do it."

On handling Wyoming's Dominic Rufran
"A lot of times we had bodies and were in position to make the play. I know Ciante [Evans] wants to have that one back, I think it was their last touchdown, and I thought he was in great position to make a play on the ball, but I think he just misjudged it and tried to come underneath it. I'll put him in that position a lot. I might've seen it wrong, but it sure looked like he had a pretty good opportunity to make a play on that ball. That's what I'm talking about. We had guys in position to make some pretty good plays and we didn't quite do it. Like I said, we came out on the front end. I'm happy about that."

On Wyoming's offense compared to last season
"They were a lot more staggered last year. They're an experienced group with what they've got coming back. They've been in that offense for a while. I think today, they threw a lot at us. The thing that was disappointing at times was that they get you at times scheme-wise, and they caught us in a couple man coverages where they took the quarterback out and they ran us empty, but there were a couple times where we were in good shape to make a play. We have those opportunities. We've got to make that play. But you know how the momentum starts going against you in football at times and when things happen, when you don't react well or the momentum starts going against you, sometimes it makes the ordinary plays that much more difficult, and you end up trying to make plays you shouldn't try to make. I think our young guys will understand that. You stay with what you're being asked to do. You don't try and make a miraculous play because then you'll just compound the situation. At times we did that. We showed our youth in some of those situations. If they ran a play that we expected the next time, we didn't react the right way because we were still thinking about what just happened. I thought we settled in after a while, but then maybe reverted back again when they hit a play or missed a tackle or something. You just have to settle in and go to the next down. We didn't always do that the right way."

On Wyoming's tempo
"They had tempo the whole game. They went fast. We knew that. We practiced it all week. We practice against our offense all the time, but they went quick. It was up-tempo from the get go. I don't think that bothered us a lot as far as getting the calls in and stuff. That wasn't an issue. But, you know, first time out there, it's hot and everything else. It's always a factor. At times we start wearing down their defense with our tempo. That's just the nature of college football right now."

On Wyoming Quarterback Brett Smith
"I thought we got good pressure at times. I don't think we finished him off. I knew that was going to be an issue. The guy's good. He's one of the better quarterbacks I've seen in a while as far as buying time and being elusive in the pocket. But when you get home, you've got to get the guy on the ground. We didn't always do a good job of that."



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