SDSU Head Coach John Stiegelmeier Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. South Dakota State
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

South Dakota State Head Coach John Stiegelmeier Quotes
Opening Statement
"I'd like to congratulate Coach Pelini and the Cornhuskers, they are a good football program, good football team. They got after us today. I am disappointed in our performance today, we have to get in to the film room and make sure we 'right' some things. I am sure there are some scheme issues that occurred, surely there are some skill issues since we are playing up a level. Ideally there aren't any effort issues, but those would be addressed also. Very disappointed for our guys to not come down and play a better football game as a football team and give ourselves a chance to have a better result on the field."

On the first quarter success--then getting stopped (when SDSU went up 17-14)
"Well we never stopped them on defense so I don't know how many games you can win when you don't stop a team. That to me was the huge factor, we did go ahead in that situation and I was proud of our team that we didn't hang our heads and we weren't gitty when we were ahead. But we didn't respond the way we needed to defensively in that situation. Again credit their staff and players. Just really disappointed in our guys not giving us a chance."

On Nebraska not playing Taylor Martinez, and how that affected the defense
"No affect, I thought those two young men played well. I though No. 4 (Tommy Armstrong) played really well. Zero pressure on those guys when they were passing the ball. That builds confidence if you can stay back there, it's like practice, and just stand back there and pick out your receivers because you can't cover all day long."

On what he takes away from the game and if the atmosphere played a part
"Not so much the atmosphere, but the result of our play. I don't think our guys got caught up in the atmosphere at all, what I take away is ideally we can take away some issues on defense and right them. Our defense has always been sound and we have always played hard, but when you don't make a team punt--Big Ten or not, give a lot of respect to Nebraska-- when you don't make them punt there are some issues."

On Nebraska moving to a three-man front on defense
"Well they had more guys on the edge then, we still got some yards against them when they were in a three-man front. If I am not mistaken they brought somebody from the edge so it really became a four-man front. We were just trying to get their outside backer to take our running back, and then take care of the pass, we had really dissuccess in that. After that we just had some success running the football, no deception, no double read. It is the way football works now, it used to be you had to read the defensive end, not you have to read the Will linebacker."

On what he wants his team to do with the disappointment of today
"I asked them to spend 20 minutes on it. To think about their part of the game, I don't want them to hang their head on it, I want them to be mature about it. I want our coaches to be mature about it, after that, I want them to claim the present, and not be gitty, but just try to get it out of our minds until we watch the film. It is not a fifth-grade baseball team, we are not going to walk around with our heads down. We came down here, we worked hard, our goal was to win the football game. We didn't come close to playing like that but that was still our goal, we didn't come down here to look at a bunch of people wearing red."


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