Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. Illinois
Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Illinois Head Coach Tim Beckman Postgame Quotes
Opening Statement
"I just would like to start out by giving credit where credit is due. We played a good football team in Nebraska today, they have one defeat against a top 25 football team (UCLA). They were in the championship game last year, so you definitely see they have the makings as a team that could make a run at it. I think if you look at some of the things we have talked about doing, if we are going to be a successful football team we have got to make sure we capitalize in the redzone and be able to put points on the board when we get the ball inside the 20 yardline. Defensively, we have to continue to make strides on tackling better and we were just out physicalled at times today upfront with Nebraska's offensive line and our defensive line. We have to continue to find ways to enable our players to be successful."

On getting down 17 points
"It's always tough, especially when you come to Nebraska and get down 17 points. Our kids fought back, we had an opportunity to put three points on the board and then the safety going in. Again with the wind, the first opportunity down there in the redzone--gotta get points in that situation, and we didn't. We didn't get any points. That would have been easy three points if we could have gotten three out of that situation. Wind enabled us not to do that and then right before halftime again, having five points on the board we had another opportunity after the safety to get the football in a situation where we can put points on the board."

On if the wind was a factor
"The wind was a factor today, I mean there is no question about it. You know they had the wind too, so we have got to be able to not use that as an excuse, but the wind was a factor today."

On if Nebraska's defense did anything different the coaches did not see
"I don't think so, you can ask Bill (Offensive Coordinator Bill Cubit) that stuff, but looking from the sideline they gave us some pressure sets when we were in the empty set, but we knew they were probably going to do that. I think we need to continue to work on getting ourselves open downfield and give Nathan (Scheelhaase) enough time to throw the football downfield."

On Tommy Armstrong Jr.'s play
"He is a good football player. We knew he was after watching the South Dakota State game. You can tell he has been in the system for a year and he has progressed as he continues to play in their system."

On Nebraska's O-Line
"They are big, they are big and physical, and we knew they were big and physical. Heck there is four of them back, so you knew they were physical group. Didn't shock me who they were."

On if Nebraska is a measuring stick for success
"Oh again, they have been here, we have a bunch of young players on this football team right now. We will continue to get bigger and stronger as we progress. So yeah, that is what we told our football team, you are playing against a team that played in the championship game last year. Next opponent will be the other one, so you get to play back-to-back against the teams that were there at Lucas Oil Field last year.  So this year it is definitely a measuring stick, and it is definitely something that they look at and say if we do these things right, maybe it is a different football game as we progress through the season."


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