Nevada Player Quotes

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Nevada Player Quotes
Postgame vs. Nebraska
Sept. 1, 2007 (Lincoln, Neb.)
NU 52, Nevada 10

Quarterback Nick Graziano
On his feelings on the game
"Frustrated. We had our opportunities like coach said. The first half killed us. We set ourselves in bad situations and the frustration built. We felt comfortable out there, but we kept shooting ourselves in the foot which really set our offense back and kept our defense on the field."

On whether it was the Nevada offense or the Nebraska defense
"I think it was more our offense not doing what we can do. Not enough first downs, getting delay of games, that all set us back in yardage into third and long situations. Shooting ourselves in the foot was the biggest problem."

On Nebraska’s defensive front
"They kept consistent pressure most of the game, but I had my reads and I should have gotten rid of the ball a little quicker. Those are things we have to change before next week, before we go out to Chicago."

On what Nevada can take from this game
"Just learn from those mistakes. Watch the film. Get more comfortable with getting rid of the ball quicker. Knowing which plays we have to get to on first down to get some yardage."

On Nevada’s confidence heading into next week
"Just come back on Monday ready to work for the next game."

On the beginning of the game
"I would say we felt comfortable as an offense but getting more into the game, the second quarter really killed us. Getting more quick drives (that) just put the defense back on the field. It really hurt them, hurt their moral. It hurts to watch them have to play like that. Having them have more than double our time possession was just really not good."

On Nevada’s lack of running game
"That was more of our game plan. We thought we had some opportunities through the air. We felt on the first drive we had some opportunities play-action wise so that wasn’t the biggest deal. The biggest deal was hurting ourselves on first downs and backing ourselves into a corner."

Defensive Tackle Matt Hines
On the game
"(I am) very disappointed. I don’t think defensively we played to the potential we can, regardless of how the offense did. I’m very disappointed."

On the atmosphere
"It’s a crazy atmosphere. You know, first time experiencing it. But I think after the first few minutes, you are just playing football after that."

On Nevada’s nervousness
"Defensively, we felt we came out and played, but we didn’t sustain. We just kind of got nonchalant out there and expected things to happen instead of making them happen."

On Nebraska wearing them down
"We definitely did (wear down). If you can’t score you can’t win."

On defending Nebraska’s running game
"It was tough. They are a big, physical offensive line. It was definitely tough and they played well up front."

On Nebraska’s offensive line combination of size and speed
"I think it’s both. I mean how quick they are and how big they are, it’s hard to get around them to see where you are going."

On Nevada’s confidence
"It’s tough, especially right now. You just have to lick your wounds, get strong and try to do better. It’s still a long season. We got 11 games left. There is no time to pout."


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