Nebraska Player Quotes

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Freshman running back Quentin Castille scored two touchdowns in his Nebraska debut against Nevada on Saturday.
Freshman running back Quentin Castille scored two touchdowns in his Nebraska debut against Nevada on Saturday.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Player Quotes
Postgame vs. Nevada
Sept. 1, 2007 (Lincoln, Neb.)
NU 52, Nevada 10

Quarterback Sam Keller
On the offense today
"Well I’ll tell you, our offensive line and running backs just did tremendous today. It was really, really pleasing to sit back and watch those guys work. There were some pops and some good runs and you turn around and hear the crowd screaming. It was just a lot of fun to be back out there playing again and I’m just so proud of our offensive line and running backs, they really set the tone today."

On his first game as a Husker
"I’ll tell you what, I had some butterflies, but that’s to be expected. It was just really, really nice to be out there playing again. I can’t even tell you how good it felt to be out there running and offense and it had been a long time coming. I’m just pleased that it’s here and I got the first one under my belt."

On the Nebraska running game
"Well obviously you saw we were very powerful up front, very physical. We can go either way. We know we can pass and we got the horses to throw to, but today the tempo was set by the offensive line and the running backs running the ball. To have that dimension is just fantastic for a quarterback. I’m very pleased with where our offense is at right now. It was a great way to come out and set the table."

On the Nebraska run/pass ratio
"That definitely developed as it went. Nevada, this team is the same team that brought Miami down to the wire last year and they pose challenges through the air and they pose challenges up front, but we found out early that we could just jam it down through there and get yards on the ground. So that became our focus in the second quarter when we came back after the turnover and just came right back down and got some points on the board. It was just a beautiful thing to see our offensive line and running backs work."

On the interception and if it factored in on the next run series
"No I don’t think so. Our plan was just to run the ball in that drive and get right back on the board and get right back after them. We really wanted to see where our running game could take us in that drive. It was an unfortunate turnover and those happen, learn from it and move on. The running game was just oustanding today."

I-Back Marlon Lucky
On the offensive line
"The offensive line did a great job today, as well as the tight ends and quarterbacks. It was pushing the off the ball and Coach (Callahan) wanted to pound it."

On running as an emphasis today
"Coach Callahan likes to play it out first and see what the defense has and just goes out and plays after that."

On Quentin Castille
"Quentin had a good game today for his first game as a freshman, he played his butt off, as well as our other backs."

Kicker Adi Kunalic
On his 46-yard field goal
"When I came out to kick that field goal, I didn't even know I was supposed to. They called me out late and I was all the way on the side, just waiting. It was Coach Callahan's call because he thought it was a long field goal." 

On sharing kicking duties
"I was surprised they called me. I have faith in Alex. I'm pretty sure he would've made it just as well as I did. They told me Alex was going to start. They told me to be ready for anything."

On his first game at Memorial Stadium
"It was surreal. I was happy to be out there. I'm happy to be in Nebraska. It was crazy. I love it. I love the fans."

On his touchbacks
"I just try to kick it and I guess it happens. I just didn't want to mess up. I just tried to kick it as hard as I could. I've never seen fans go that crazy over touchbacks."

Running Back Quentin Castille
On playing his first game
"At first I was a little nervous. I had a whole bunch of butterflies coming out of the tunnel walk."

On the tunnel walk
"It was amazing. I was just trying to get my groove on, jump up and down. I was trying to get the butterflies out of my stomach."

On his touchdown runs
"The first time I scored, I was like 'Man, I never thought this day would come,' but it did. I felt good about myself."

On his expectations for the first game
"I didn't expect to get one carry. I didn't think I'd get that many carries."

On Marlon Lucky
"He's a good back. He does his thing, I do my thing. We feed off each other."

Offensive Lineman Carl Nicks
On Lucky and the running game
"It was important for him to come out and have a good game today. I think we all kind of started off flat, we didn't do too good on the first drive. I can't explain how good it feels to come out every play and run the ball down their throats. It's just one game though."

On Quarterback Sam Keller
"He handles it like he does in practice. He takes charge. He has that charisma, that swagger and everybody is 'all-eyes-on-him.' I think he did a really good job."


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