Booster Guidelines

On behalf of the University of Nebraska student- athletes, coaches and athletic department staff, we would like to express our appreciation for your continued support of the athletic program. We applaud the accomplishments of the teams and student-athletes during the 2011-12 athletic season and look forward to another year of victories and championships this fall.

We would also like to thank you for your interest and concern for the well-being of our student-athletes and salute your cooperation in abiding by NCAA rules and regulations. It is important for you to also remember that NCAA guidelines remain in effect at all times, even when our teams are not practicing or competing. This includes summer break or vacation periods during the academic year.

As a booster, you are required to follow all NCAA rules, especially those that govern benefits or privileges that are offered to a student-athlete. It is not permissible for a booster to provide a student-athlete with an "extra" benefit or special arrangement. Although providing a student-athlete with a non-permissible benefit may be due to care and concern for the student-athlete, you may be jeopardizing the eligibility of the student-athlete as well as your involvement with the athletic department.

Through on-going education, our coaches and student-athletes are knowledgeable of the NCAA rules that govern their activities. We expect everyone to comply with these rules, and therefore we ask you to join us in our efforts to protect the eligibility and well-being of our student-athletes.

All NCAA legislation cannot be covered in this document, so forward any questions you may have to the Athletic Compliance Office at (402) 472-2042. However, please review the general reminders. This will help you understand a few of the many NCAA rules governing boosters.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter and for helping us protect both the eligibility and well- being of our student-athletes and the integrity of the University of Nebraska. Thank you and go Huskers!

General Reminders For Fans and Boosters

Q: What is a Booster?

A: Someone who belongs to a University of Nebraska athletic booster club; promotes or makes financial donations to the athletic department or a specific Husker team; assists in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes; employs, gives benefits to, or provides services to a student-athlete, a prospective student- athlete or the relative/friends of either.


Q: What constitutes impermissible contact by a Booster?

A: Phone calls to prospects (9th to 12th grade) and their relatives placed for recruiting purposes (questions about the athletic program at UNL must be directed to the coach); writing, texting or instant messaging a prospect to encourage UNL attendance; contact with prospects via Facebook or any other social media; contact with a prospect at a high school or club contest; contact with a prospect or his/her coach, principal, or counselor to evaluate the prospect; visiting the prospect's educational institution to pick up videotape or transcripts for evaluation purposes; contacting a prospect to congratulate him/her for signing a National Letter of Intent to attend UNL; giving anything of value to a prospect to induce him/her to attend UNL; contact of any kind while the prospect is on the UNL campus for an official or unofficial visit.


Q: What are the rules of employment for a student-athlete?

A: A student-athlete may be employed during the academic year or summer vacation period; receive compensation equal to the going rate for similar services in the locale; receive compensation only for work performed; accept employment from more than one employer and earn unlimited income; receive benefits provided to all other employees; teach sport-related individual skill instruction or fee-for-lesson sessions. A student-athlete may not conduct personal sport camps or promote, market, advertise or endorse a commercial business or product. Only benefits that are authorized by NCAA legislation shall be provided to and accepted by a student-athlete. It is not permissible for a student-athlete to receive a benefit that is the result of a "special" arrangement by an institutional employee, booster, employer or fan.


Q: What are non-permissible benefits?

A: Any benefit that is not available to the general student body may not be provided to a student-athlete. This may include, free or reduced-fee housing/rent including the use of vacation or seasonal homes; free or reduced-fee meals; loans or cash advances in pay or salary; tuition costs or school supply expenses; gifts or presents of any type regardless of the occasion or purpose; use of telephone for long distance or use of telephone cards and cell phones; free use of any motor vehicle, boat or recreational vehicle; free use of services (automobile repair, hair care, laundry, copying, faxing, etc.); free or reduced-fee memberships at golf courses, health clubs, etc. (This list is not exhaustive. Only benefits that are authorized by NCAA legislation shall be provided to and accepted by a student-athlete. It is not permissible for a student-athlete to receive a benefit that is the result of a "special" arrangement by an institutional employee, booster, employer or fan.)


Remember to ask before you act. Contact the Athletic Compliance Office by phone at (402) 472-2042. The compliance fax number is (402) 472-6961 and the office can be reached by email at