Senior Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)

Senior Wide Receiver Quincy Enunwa

On the message, as captains, they want to present to the team
“The biggest thing is just everything that we want is still out there. We have the same record we did last year at this time and we shouldn’t get down on ourselves just from a loss. We can still do everything that we want to accomplish this year. We just have to make sure we learn from our mistakes. Last year, we came back 5-2, we won the rest of our games and got to the Big Ten Championship Game. There’s no reason we can’t do that again this year. Don’t think that just because we lost the game that all of a sudden the season is over. Minnesota played their hearts out. They played a great game against us. There was just too many mistakes on our side and obviously when you don’t play a good game, you lose. We just need to learn from our mistakes and come back next week with a better attitude.”

On his level of concern with the offensive execution
“Honestly, I’m not that concerned. You are probably expecting me to say I’m really concerned but I’m obviously not. When you look at the film after the game, you kind of are feeling down because you lost to an opponent you feel you could have won against. It’s never as bad as it looks and it’s never as good as it looks. Once you watch the film you really see what could have happened. There were a few plays that could have been touchdowns. There were just a lot of plays that we just left on the field. We’re going to come back on Saturday with a better attitude and I’m kind of happy we did the Sunday (practice) thing so we can just go ahead and make corrections. It’s really good just to go out there replay the play and just see what the defense gave you and slow it down to see what you could have done better. It’s good watch it on film but it’s also much better to do it out on the field.”

On what gives him reassurance that they will learn from their mistakes
“Because we have some warriors on our team and we have a great coaching staff. We’ve been through this before. Obviously, we have a lot of young players, but they’ve also experienced some of the same things that us seniors have experienced as well. There’s no reason for us to think that we can’t do everything we want to do this year. We know how good of a team we are and we know how bad of a game we played. If we went out there and just played the greatest game ever and lost then it would be a different story, but we didn’t play very well. We know we can play better than that.”

On if it’s surprising that they can play well and poorly
“That’s tough. I’m not going to say that it’s not surprising, but I can’t just expect us to be the greatest team in the world every game. There are going to be mistakes made every game. I think the surprise was how many mistakes we made.”

On Tommy Armstrong Jr. possibly getting the start this week
“I didn’t even know that was the case. We do the same thing we have been doing. Don’t want to change anything. Tommy knows what he has to do and he is a great competitor. He is going to be a great leader when he gets his turn to fully shine. I don’t think we have to do too much with him; he knows what he needs to do and he’s said that before. Whether he or Taylor (Martinez) plays, either way we are going to go out there and play the best game we can go out and play.”

On playing through a number of injuries on the team
“You just got to make sure the guys underneath are always ready to play. Injuries are expected and guys are always going to go down. That’s what we always tell the two’s – never take your reps for granted because you never know when it will be your turn to shine. You can’t really game plan for injuries as a starter, you just have to go out there and play hard no matter what. You don’t want to play scared that you are going to get hurt on the play – you just need to play full speed. It’s part of the game at the end of the day.”

On the temp of the offense
“I think sometimes when you are out there on offense you don’t want to go too fast paced. We’ll go out there and we have like a three-play, fast-paced set and if the first play is not as productive as you’d like then we have to get out of it obviously. So you can’t always go as fast paced as you would like because mistakes slow those things down. You never want to go too fast paced because then you’ll get out of your game all together.”

On what has been impressive about Tommy Armstrong Jr.
“He throws a very good deep ball. One thing that I admire about him is that he always shows his confidence. That’s always what you want in a quarterback. I think all three of them (quarterbackers) are really confident guys. He loves the game of football and he hates to fail. So he has some good attributes to be a quarterback.”


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