Sophomore Linebacker David Santos

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 18, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)
Pre-Penn State

On how much pride factors into the last two games
“It’s the No. 1 thing we’re working for right now. We can’t get where we wanted to get, but as a defense we still have stuff to prove to everybody. We’ve shown we’re getting better, but it’s a continuation of that and preparation for next year as well. That’s a big emphasis for us.”

On moving to a different linebacker spot
“I think it has went pretty well. I played it all last year, and it’s not much different. It’s a lot more coverage and stuff like that. I think it came along pretty easily for me.”

On being a better fit in his current position
“I actually enjoy the position more because I like being out in coverage.”

On the play of Michael Rose
“I feel like Michael (Rose) has improved a hundredfold. He talks to me and we talk about our goals as a unit. Zaire (Anderson), Michael and I always text each other in group messages about what we want to be as a linebacker corps and what we want to show everybody. Michael wants to be a leader, and he wants to show that he can be consistent. I see a lot of want-to from Michael.”

On why the defense has improved
“We always knew our potential. Some of it might have to do with being a lot more aggressive in our play calling with a lot more blitzing. I think it’s just the want-to. Especially after the Minnesota game, it’s just the reality of what kind of players we want to be on defense and what we want to show everybody.”

On the pressure increasing after the Minnesota game
“There’s always pressure to perform. We had a long discussion about our performance and what kind of men we wanted to be, and I think it really kicked in with me and a lot of the other guys on the team.”

On what Randy Gregory brings to the team
“Randy (Gregory) brings just about anything you could ask for. He’s got speed. He’s very fast. He’s obviously a target, so he takes pressure off some of us so we can get free on plays. He brings a lot to the defense, and we need him.”

On Randy Gregory’s speed
“He’s pretty fast. I saw how fast he was the other day when he came after (Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook) on a rollout and blew right past me. So yeah, he’s pretty fast. He took a good angle, had a full head of steam and flew right past me. I already knew Randy was fast, but right then it was like, ‘Whoa, this guy can move.’”

On having a nickname for Randy Gregory
“We’re working on it right now. He needs something. I heard RG44, but it’s not very good. We’re working on something for him.”

On how physical the defense played against Michigan State
“I would say that, physicality-wise, we wanted it. We played our butts off, not just as a linebacker corps, but as a defense. Of course there were some more execution errors, but that can be worked on. I think the physicality was fine, especially with Zaire (Anderson). He’s a physical guy. I think that just helps us as a unit.”

On his forced fumble against Penn State last season
“I realized where they were at on the goal line. I could have just eased off or let them roll in, but it was just the want-to and the desire to get in there and make a play and give my best effort.”


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