Senior Offensive Lineman Spencer Long

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)

On how he makes the most of Friday’s Senior Day
“I’m just celebrating that experience with my teammates, my senior teammates and everybody that’s taken their last step on that field as a starter, as a player. It’s pretty special. I got my season taken away from me early, but I think once the guys realize that hey – this is the last time I’ll be playing at this stadium, it’s going to hit them and it already did with me because I lost a few games here already that I didn’t get to play in. It’s going to be really meaningful and it’s going to be a cool experience with my teammates even though I won’t be able to play.”

On his journey to Lincoln
“Well, when you look back on it, the whole broad picture seems like it went fast but then at the same time it seems like it’s been a long journey. It’s definitely a long ride and a lot of steps to get where I am now, starting out as a walk-on freshman at 250 pounds. I have developed a lot since I came here. Not just as a football player, but as a person. I owe that a lot to my coaches – Coach Bo (Pelini), Coach (John) Garrison and Coach (Barney) Cotton. I knew nothing about offensive line before I moved here and I wouldn’t be the same player without those guys. It’s been a rough ride and I thank everyone that has given me an opportunity to prove myself and show what kind of player I could be and having the confidence in me.”

On sharing Senior Day with his brother, Jake  
“It’s going to be special. It’s going to be his last game and it’s been so good for my family and us playing here at such a great university. There’s a lot of guys who are going to be thinking, ‘This is the last time I’m going to be playing here.’ It’s going to mean a lot. That game’s going to mean a lot to a lot of guys.”

On his teammates honoring his number each game since his injury
“That just shows how close we are as a unit. And I’m sure if someone else went down, we would have done the same thing. I love those guys and it shows our friendship and how close we are. I’m honored that they would do that for me. It means more than you guys know just to have me still represented out there. I love my line and I love my team. I think our unit is the closest unit on this team and we’re all good buddies going through the same stuff. I love those guys.”

On how proud he is of the offensive line, despite all the injuries
“That’s how we operate and its been instilled by Coach (Garrison) every day. It just goes to show you that you don’t know when your number is going to be called and you’re going to have to step up and that just shows that we all know that and we’re accountable to our position and I’m really proud of the guys that have stepped up and battled. We have a lot of young guys who came in and done really well for us. So I take a lot of pride in our offensive line. We’re still battling despite a ton of injuries and four MCLs.”

On his timeline for return
“Well my injury. Four-to-six months, they said. I’m not really sure when that would be, kind of somewhere in that range. I’m hoping somewhere on the faster end and it looks like it’s going that way so far. It just depends when that time comes sometime around February. I still wouldn’t be able to train as I normally would have and so I might miss out on some things that I normally would have been doing. Pro Day is definitely the time I am thinking that I am coming back for good and back full strength. I probably missed out on some things, some combine stuff. I mean, we’ll see you just never know.”

On his daily involvement with the team
“Not as much as I would like to. I try to get up there as much as I can and go watch practice and stuff. But the first couple weeks, I was still on crutches and hanging it down all day kind of makes (the knee) swell up and sets you back. So, I go do my rehab and I have to go throw my leg up and ice it and stuff like that. I’m only been five-and-a-half weeks out now, so I’m just starting to get back into it.”

On playing with Ron Kellogg III during his career  
“There’s not another guy that is more accountable to this team. He’s always practiced like he is going to go in there and play. He’s getting his shot and he’s doing well and making all of us proud. We love the guy. He’s energetic. He’s fun. He loves to play the game, you know he wants to be out there and he battles for our team and us. That’s all you need in a quarterback.”


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