Redshirt Freshman Linebacker Michael Rose

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)

On the short week
“We have to get our bodies prepared and get some treatment. The game plan will take care of itself. We have to be a little bit more focused because we don’t have as much time to practice during the week. Besides that, we just have to get our bodies prepared with the short week. I think we’ve been doing a good job of that, but with guys getting hurt on Saturday we need to do it even better this week.”

On the importance of Saturday’s win
“The result was in our favor, but the main thing is that we continue to show resiliency and that we have some fight left in us. A lot of people are saying we don’t have anything to play for. We could have just walked into Happy Valley and said, ‘We have nothing to play for so here’s a win on senior day.’ I think it’s just the people we have in our locker room, the coaches and the staff. We have the courage to go out there and fight even when people are saying we have nothing to fight for. I’m just proud to go out there and play with those men every Saturday. We’re going to continue to practice so we can get better and continue to grow as humans.”

On Iowa’s running game
“I had a chance to look at them a little bit yesterday along with the Penn State film. They(Iowa) have some similar schemes and things they (Penn State) like to do, so it’s very important for us to go out there today and correct the things we didn’t do correctly on Saturday. We have to make sure we take care of those things and continue to focus on getting better. It’s going to be another fun challenge. The last time we saw this team it was very close, so our main focus is to get healthy, get ready for Iowa and take care of the things we can take care of.”

On Iowa running back Mark Weisman
“(Mark) Weisman and (Penn State’s Zach) Zwinak are similar backs. They’re guys who you can’t arm tackle or have one guy bringing them down. We have to make sure we gang tackle and don’t give up yards to cutbacks. I think the main thing, with those two being so similar, is making sure we correct the things we messed up on Saturday.”

On Iowa being a rival
“We’re playing for a trophy, so I guess it’s a rivalry. Geographically, it makes sense, and culturally too, with both states having a blue-collar mentality. There are a lot of similarities. I don’t know what really constitutes as a rivalry, but it’s a game on our schedule and we need to be ready to play.”

On playing on the national stage on Friday
“That’s going to be enjoyable for all of us, especially the seniors. They’re scrambling to get tickets for everyone, so that will be good for their families and loved ones who can’t come to be able to watch them on TV. I’m sure they’re excited about that. It’s just great to be on the national stage and be out there on Friday. I haven’t played on Friday since high school, so that will be exciting.”

On the seniors
“I think they all mean something to me. Personally, Ciante (Evans) is the first person to come to mind as a true leader on and off the field for the defense. I could talk about a lot of guys on the offensive and defensive lines too. Thad (Randle) has fought through a lot of injuries and Jason (Ankrah) as well. There are a lot of guys out there who provide a lot of fight and leadership for this team. There are a lot of guys who will definitely be missed next year, so it’s very important that we come with a focus to send these guys out in the right way in their last game at Memorial Stadium. Us young guys want to show our appreciation for what these guys have done for us.”

On Thanksgiving being a distraction
“I don’t think it’s much of a distraction. We’re very focused. We realize what the task is ahead of us. I don’t think any of us would have been up at five o’clock in the morning going shopping anyways, so that won’t be a problem. I think the main thing will be thinking about spending time with our families, but we’ve got a job to take care of. We’ll get to spend time with our families on Friday and the rest of the weekend. We’ll be focused for this game and pretty excited for the opportunity to play on Friday.”

On being satisfied with nine wins, given the injuries and youth
“We never use any of those things as crutches or excuses. I think we just took the approach of doing our part. We were able to overcome a lot of injuries and the youth on defense. It just shows our resiliency, our fight and our want-to. No matter what the odds are or situation is, we want to go out there and fight. It definitely shows that football is a team sport when you have five guys step up on the offensive line. It shows how committed this team is and how great of effort everyone gives.”

On the cold weather at Penn State
“I didn’t think it was that cold until the fourth quarter. I thought it was pretty cool to come out of the tunnel when it was snowing. It definitely wasn’t the coldest game I’ve played in, but it was fun to be out there on the grass field with the snow. We were pretty excited to be out there and to play in that stadium. That was pretty awesome.”


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