Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan Postgame Quotes
Courtesy: NU Athletic Communications
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Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan hugs senior strong safety Daniel Bullocks during the trophy presentation at the Alamo Bowl.
Courtesy: Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Head Coach Bill Callahan
On what the win means to Nebraska:

“I don’t know. I don’t know what the ramifications will be. But I can tell you about the excitement in that locker room and how proud those players are. Their hard work, their effort, their blood, sweat, and tears...we’ve been through quite a bit of adversity this year and to culminate this season with this type of victory feels very good. It feels good and it’s something we want to build on as we go into the off season.”


On measuring up to Michigan:

“Well, I thought we measured up well. I looked at the match-ups and, to be quite honest with you, there were some areas that we matched up well in and some other areas that we were concerned about. I was awfully concerned about the last kick in the game. We had seven players out, on our kick off coverage. We elected to swift kick that one particular play in the last kick off and I was really concerned, we all were. We had so many guys that went down today; they went down and gave their heart and soul for this football team. I can’t say enough great things about all of those kids.”


On Zac Taylor’s hits during the game:

“We don’t like to see him take hits. Like I keep indicating and pointing out, he’s a courageous young man. He stays right in there in the pocket—he’s like the eye in the hurricane. There’s flurry all around, and he stays as calm and as poised as any quarterback I’ve ever coached.”

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