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Nebraska Moves To 2-0 With 31-7 Win

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich
Opening Statement
It ended up being a game from the start where we were running around and not getting an awful lot done on the defensive side of the ball as well as the offensive side of it. I thought the defense played very well in the second quarter and were able to really shut them down in the second half. Offensively, we continued to move the ball but we had trouble putting touchdowns on the board after drives. That has got to change. A lot of good things happened. The guys played hard again for a second week. The effort is what you are after. I think we played a physical football game. We came out of it very well as far as no serious injuries that I know of at this point. All-in-all we finished up okay. It wasn't the kind of game that as it went on you felt real comfortable with. There were enough mistakes and enough things that weren't crisp, that weren't sharp that we were frustrated with.

On the Passing Game
I think there were some good things that happened there. We had a chance to work on it a little bit more in the second half with Joe in there. All-in-all we were able to get some things done in the passing game that was very important. I thought Matt Herian's catch was a great catch at a critical time in the game when we needed to get something done. All-in-all the quarterback play was good.

On Joe Dailey
I thought he did a very good job for a first start. He played very composed and he approached it that way throughout the course of the week and through practice. If things don't go well on the practice field, he is right back in the huddle. He doesn't let things get him down. That is very important at the position. I thought he played very well for the first time on the field. He controlled the huddle well. He controlled things at the line of scrimmage very well and once the ball was snapped, his athletic abilities showed themselves.

On Jammal Lord
I think Jammal also did some good things. We rely very heavily on him in the running game. He came through with some big plays in the running game as he usually does. We are working on the timing of some of his throws and some of that stuff still needs to improve.

On the Kicking Game
We will look at that. It is unfortunate that Sandro (DeAngelis) missed that first extra point right out of the box. David (Dyches) got some opportunities. David did a very good job on the field goals. The kickoffs that you saw were not necessarily by design, bouncing around. I would like to take credit for it. We need some work there. It will continue to be a battle, but David did respond today.

On Demorrio Williams
They did such a great job early on of throwing short, controlled patterns. We ran an awful lot of zone there and then they were making some plays after the catch. The quarterback was very composed and it was tough to get to him. As the game went on, they tried to mix up their offense and we were able to get to the quarterback. It seems like when we are able to get to the quarterback, and get some hits, all of a sudden it gets a little tougher to make throws. Demorrio had a great game for the second week in a row.

Senior Linebacker Demorrio Williams
On his performance:
I just try to come out and do what I can do to contribute to the team. I just go out and try to give a great effort. I just want to contribute.

The front four were pretty strong, but as the game wore on, they started lying down and getting weaker and I knew I would be able to get in and make a big play. I had been talking all week with the coaches about it I told them that I would do what I could do, but I want to thank the line and the secondary for blocking and getting the quarterback to hold the ball as long as he did.

On being double-teamed after his two sacks:
I really didn't pay attention to that. When that happens, I know that my other teammates will be able to step it up and make the big plays.

On adjusting to Utah State's offense
We had to get the right personel out there. Once the game slowed down and we figured out what they were doing we were able to get it done.

Freshman Kicker David Dyches
On his performance:
I just went out there and did what I have been doing in practice. Go out and keep my mind right, concentrate and kick it through the uprights.

On his post-kick celebration:
After I make it, I get excited and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm so excited and going nuts. So if I look wild or stupid, I can't help that.

On the kicking competition:
Coach Downing had told me before the game to prepare as if I am the starter. The plan was to have me kick off into the wind and Sandro was going to do field goals and extra points and kick off with the wind. After he missed that first one Coach Downing told me that I was in and I was doing everything, so I got mentally ready and went in there and did my best.

On adjusting to college kicking:
There's a big difference. Kicking in front of all the fans, plus you're kicking off the ground, in high school you kick off the block.

On how far he can kick it:
Probably 50 yards. My leg is a little sore right now, but I should be able to get touchbacks and boom the ball.

Cornerback Lornell McPherson
On the Utah State offense:
When they came out, they were doing a bunch of different shifts that we had never seen, but Coach (Pelini) told us to calm down and that we were going to get adjusted and get to work.

They were shifting people into the backfield and back out, it was confusing at first but we got the job handled.

On adjustments at the half:
No, we kept with the same game plan. If they started making shifts, everyone just covered who they were suppoesed. We were able to communicate with each other and get the job done.

On the defensive front making big plays:
It's a lot easier. We feel like the competition. We love to see DeMorrio get sacks and the line get sacks, it makes the quarterback softer.

On Utah State tight end Chris Cooley:
He was a nice tight end. He was able to come across the middle and catch the ball. We were just able to chop him down in the second half.

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