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Nebraska Postgame Quotes
Coach Bo Pelini
On the game

“First, I’d like to congratulate Clemson University on their year, what they’ve overcome and for everything they’ve dealt with.  They came in here and played a great football game.  I wanted to say thank you to our kids and the staff for everybody’s hard work.  It was a fun way to finish the season.”


On building a foundation for the program

“I said going in that I thought it was really big for our program (to win the Gator Bowl) because we have some momentum.  I told our seniors last night, and I also talked about it today that we could put some more cement on that foundation.  People are excited.  Our kids are excited and are starting to believe and showing how good they are.  It’s fun to see.  Now, we just have to keep it going and pick up that torch that the seniors left and keep running with it.  I thought the character and resolve of this team showed again today.”


On the performance of Gator Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Ganz

“He epitomizes what this team is.  He had some bad things happen to him in the first half.  A lot of kids who aren’t as strong and don’t have as much character would have wilted in that kind of circumstance, but Joe just kept going, the same way the rest of the team did.  They don’t panic.  They don’t point fingers or feel sorry for themselves.  They just keep playing.  Joe epitomizes that.”


On the performance of Nebraska’s defensive line

“They did what they’ve done all year.  They’ve led the thing all year.  They’ve played well all year.  They’ve been doing it all year long.  We don’t have a lot of experience or a lot of depth behind them, but when you’re good up front, it covers up a lot.  They played at a very high level.”


On the performance of Nebraska’s defensive tackles
“Ty (Steinkuhler) had a huge first half, and then (Ndamukong) Suh picked it up.  They were double-teaming Suh almost every time they were passing in the first half.  Ty took care of them and made them pay for it.  In the second half, Suh took over.”




Quarterback Joe Ganz
On finishing his career with a win and being named MVP of the Gator Bowl

“It’s awesome.  It’s just another thing I beat Zac Taylor at.  It’s huge.  It’s big for this program for us to cement our legacies and cement our hard work and what it takes to get back to the top to win ballgames and get back to where we need to be.  We have the right guy at the head with Coach (Bo) Pelini, and these guys are seeing what it takes to get us back to that level.  This is just a great way to provide confidence and positive feelings going into winter conditioning and spring ball.”


On how he’s remembered by his teammates

“I hope they remember me as someone who shut up, worked hard, never complained and left everything that I had on that field.”


On returning to the game after sitting out a play due to injury

“When I stood up, I got kind of dizzy and I got kind of worried.  That first step was a little crooked.  After that, I gained my senses.  It took a little bit to get the fog out.  If I could have played, there wasn’t any way they were going to keep me out.”

On the adjustments Nebraska made during the game offensively

“Clemson was doing stuff that they haven’t done all year.  We expected it to be different, but not that different.  With a new coordinator coming in, we expected it to be different, but not that different.  They were bringing all-out blitzes on third down, and it just took us that long to settle in.  We made some great adjustments at halftime to get the ball out quicker.”




Defensive Tackle Ndamukong Suh
On his dominant performance in the game

“I expect that from myself every day, day-in and day-out, whether it’s practice or a game.  I play hard in practice and make plays in practice, because that turns into what you do on the field.  One of the plays I made, where I was crossing the face of the guard, we did that all week.”


On the performance of Nebraska’s defensive line

“We were just in sync and together on the same page.  If one guy wasn’t making the play, the other guy was sitting there, making it, and the other guy was helping him make the play.  It was a total team effort.”


On the confidence of the team as Clemson had first-and-goal at the NU 10 late in the game

“We were definitely confident.  They needed a touchdown to beat us.  That’s all you have to do: hold them out.”


On his status for the NFL Draft

“I’m not 100 percent sure, but my mindset is that I would like to come back to school.  I have a year of school to finish, and I want to come back and play for Bo (Pelini).  I love playing for these coaches.”


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