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Tight End Hunter Teafatiller
On catching his third touchdown pass this season
"Our coaches had a great game plan. They had a great plan for all of us tight ends, and I really have to give credit to that and I have to give credit to J.B. (Phillips) and Matt (Herian) and all of the tight ends because they all did a good job."

On his touchdown
"Bo Ruud really did an excellent job of creating a score for the offense by intercepting that pass. It was a heads up play and it really put us in a good position to get a touchdown. We just finished it."

On Nebraska's defense
"They did a tremendous job. At one point I looked up at the stats board in the second half and Missouri had something like 136 passing yards. For a team that is strictly a passing team like Missouri, it really shows how well the defense held them."

Wide Receiver Maurice Purify
On his touchdown throw
"When I heard the call all I could think was 'I'm going to go out and throw a touchdown pass.' I went out there and threw it, and now I think I have a better passing percentage than Zac Taylor."

Offensive Lineman Andy Christiansen
On helping Brandon Jackson to over 100 yards rushing
"We have a lot of really great running backs here at Nebraska, and it's just our job to go out there and make sure they can run. We take a lot of pride in being able to do that and credit goes to Brandon for playing the way he did."

Quarterback Zac Taylor
On the game
"This was a big win for us.  Missouri was the co-leader of the Big 12 North.  We needed this win to control our destiny and it was a big win for the program. We have a team that can rebound. Everyone knew we had it in us, they didn't have to tell us."

On the defense's performance
"The defense did a great job. They had a lot of sacks. That took the pressure off of me."

On Nebraska's mental preparedness
"I think we didn't have mental errors.  We did a good job of achieving what we wanted to do."

On J.B. Phillips' dropped catch
"It's just a dropped ball.  It wasn't anything we had to worry about.  I have to say I know exactly how it feels."

On where Nebraska goes from here
"We can't let up now.  We have two great teams ahead of us.  We have to prepare to win.  We can't hope someone else will screw up." 

On Maurice Purify
"Before the snap, I saw the safety cheat over.  I threw it up and he's so big he out-jumps anyone."

I-back Brandon Jackson
On the running game
"We have a lot of depth at O-line.  I trust those guys and they make it possible for me to run."

On preparing for the game
"We had to put OSU behind us and we practiced hard and it paid off."

On his fumble
"That was on me.  I was holding the ball wrong.  Hopefully that won't happen again."

Linebacker Bo Ruud
On preparing for the game
"We prepared as hard as I've ever prepared for a game.  We did a good job as a linebacking corp, but it wasn't our best performance.  Last week we were out of our groove, now we're playing in our style of defense.  We are attacking more.  We didn't blitz a lot today because we let guys up front take care of business."

On the win
"It's the biggest win of the year.  It puts us in a great position in the Big 12 North and it ends a two-game losing streak."

On his first interception
"It was the same they had a big play on earlier.  I cheated a little and got it.  I cut back, but ran out of steam."

Wide Receiver Maurice Purify
On his touchdown pass
"I knew it was coming after (Terrence) Nunn's reverse, so I got focused.  It felt great because I thought I threw it out of bounds."

On the win
"It lets us know we can come back two losses and beat a good team.  We can't get comfortable because Texas A&M is a good team." 

On his touchdown
"It was hard work.  I thought the safety knew it was coming.  I got off the jam and Zac Taylor threw a good ball and I went up and won the battle."


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