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Fan Chat with @CoachMiles Recap

By NU Athletic Communications

Lincoln -- With the start of Big Ten play on Wednesday, Nebraska men's basketball coach Tim Miles sat down to answer fans questions during a twitter chat on Tuesday afternoon. The Huskers take on No. 8 Ohio State on Wednesday before hosting Wisconsin Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.
Coach Miles: I am here for questions. Before I start, these two are recommended follows @CoachSmith_Neb @chrisharriman24


  • 1) Doc was a Mountain Dew guy. So fill us in. When you're parched, what is your go-to beverage of choice?
    G2 either Red or Purple
  • 2) What is the biggest challenge you see for the team facing the Big Ten Conference games coming up?
    We know we are underdogs many nights out, but we can't play like underdogs, we have to a fighting mentality every time out.
  • 3) What's your favorite food?
    Pizza first, followed closely by past and steak
  • 4) What plans do you have for building relationships with local high school programs? Camps, clinics, etc. Always welcome in CB!
    We try to open our practices in preseason, have clinics for coaches and have camps. We want to build relationships w/coaches in the region.
  • 5) Does your kids favor watching basketball or football?
    My son indicated last week he wanted to play pro football but at his size, he will likely be a slot receiver. My daughter is a basketball expert on officiating
  • 6) How much statistical analysis do you use? FTR, eFG%, etc.
    I use advanced stats daily...There is probably a two percent chance I do it too much. KenPom is my favorite site
  • 7) Depth down low is an issue. Would you take any football players to increase numbers?
    I've done it in the past, and would do it again in the future.
  • •8)       Will Vucetic see more playing time in Big Ten play if our bigs get in foul trouble?
  • 9) What's been your favorite game so far?
    Anyone that ends in a W. I would say USC, fun crowd and played well
  • 10)   Who's your favorite, Lil Red or Herbie?"
  • 11) Who influenced you most in terms of you offensive and defensive philosophies?
    Probably starting out...Bob Olson at Northern State with his motion offense and man-to-man defense
  • 12) Do you see your team playing a more uptempo game next year
    I would like to play faster in the future
  • 13) How many (B1G) wins do you think your team will get this season???"
    Our Srs want 8 in B1G, gotta figure out how to get there
  • 14) What role can the basketball program have in engaging UNL students?
    First and foremost, playing exciting basketball so the students have fan at games
  • 15) Phone or ipad or something else for halftime tweets?"
    @LeftyShamus he does it (ed. Note, it is an iPhone)
  • 16) What advice would you give someone on how to get into collegiate basketball coaching?
    It's not all glitz and glamour. There is a lot of sacrifice and it is more competitive than ever to break in
  • 17) What are the top 3 traits you look for in a recruit?
    Skill, athleticism and competiveness
  • 18) When do we get a #Nebrasketball hashtag at half court? Or just live twitter feed on bigscreen at the game?
    As soon as its trademarked #Nebrasketball
  • 19) What position do you expect Walter Pitchford to play next season?? "
  • 20) How much do you bench?
    Enough to open a metal door on a windy day
  • 21) When are we going to Canes? You know I'm buying. There's nothing better than free Canes.
    I'm more of a pizza and pasta guy and have not been to Canes yet
  • 22) How much does your gameplan change from game to game based on the opponent?
    Some, but you can't get away from what you do best and practice every day, but you can't vary it too much

Coach Miles: Thanks for the questions, but it is time to meet with the team for practice #Huskers See you Sun. vs. Wisconsin #PacktheBob


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