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Nebraska Postgame Vs Iowa

By NU Athletic Communications

*-The 19-point comeback was Nebraska’ was Nebraska’s third-largest since 1996-97, trailing only 20-point comebacks against Kansas State (1996-97) and USC (2010-11).
*-Nebraska improves to 5-0 on the season in games decided by five points or less. 
*-Nebraska picks up its first-ever win over Iowa in the Devaney Center. The Huskers were 0-2 at the Devaney Center against Iowa prior to today. 
*-Nebraska picks up its 13th win of the season, topping the Huskers’ 2011-12 total. In addition, Nebraska is now 10-7 at the Devaney Center this year, guaranteeing a winning home record.
*-The go-ahead basket was Talley’s second career game winner. The other came in the final seconds against Florida Gulf Coast on Dec. 7, 2010
*-Nebraska matched its season high with four players in double figures, and NU is 11-4 when at least three players reach double figures.
*-Dylan Talley led Nebraska with 18 points and has scored 16 or more points in each of the last four games.
*-Gallegos now has 19 games in double figures this season. 
*-Nebraska used the same lineup the entire second half against Iowa, shooting 63 percent from the floor and out-scoring the Hawkeyes 39-19 after the break.
*-Shavon Shields has been in double figures six times this season, including five times in Big Ten play and finished with 17 points and seven rebounds.


Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles

On the lack of subbing in the second half

"I made a conscious effort that we were going to play those five. I felt like we gave everybody a chance in the first half, but we couldn't get them under control. So when we thought those were our five solid most dependable guys and that is who we played. Those other guys will bounce back, I trust those guys, but it was a bad day."

On getting the players to play hard with a 12-14 record 

"Well I will tell you this it looked to me in the first half that Iowa was playing with a purpose. You could see this discernible - we're coming in here and kicking your butt, and I thought our guys showed up at one in the afternoon because they thought it was a good time to play a game. We just looked discombobulated. I just kept thinking ‘we drew all of this up right?' But I thought at halftime we got our self's right and played a much better second half."

On if the struggles in the first half were more offensive or defensive

"I really thought offense was more of a problem. One of the coaches at halftime came in and said, ‘should we send four guys back?' I said the way we are running offense it doesn't matter because it was so disjointed and random. I thought we just shared the ball better and moved the ball better in the second half."

On if this game was a turning point in the program

"I think it is too early for that, I don't think we have earned that right to be that far along in that process to say this was a turning point, but it is a good win."

On shooting 63 percent from the field in the second half

"We needed too, maybe that had an effect on it too. I thought we shared the ball a lot better in the second half and then guys got going. Dylan Talley made so many mid-range shots and I thought he was really terrific in that way. Shavon Shields made some really big shots, Brandon Ubel had one put back that was really big so there was a lot of different ways we had success. I thought we just moved the ball and had a better mental game in the second half."

On the play for the game-winning shot

"Well we didn't run it. First of all they did a good job staying in screening options, and sometimes when teams do that to us we just shut down.... So Dylan made a play."

On whom the last play was supposed to go to

"Dylan, to make a play, so we were either going to pick-roll, pick-pop or Dylan shoot in the mid, but then he just pulled it out and stretched the play and shot it."

On if the team could have made this kind of comeback (19 points) 5-6 weeks ago

"That's a good question... maybe. It is something we wouldn't have done before Christmas."
On how the team moves forward from the win
"Well because of the rescheduling we have no prep for Wisconsin so I sure hope does, because they are a buzz saw. It gives the guys confidence but it is not where the goal is, we got to keep winning to reach our goal. That is what we need to stay involved with, the process."

Brandon Ubel

On what was different in the second half

"We just played with more energy. At half time we looked ourselves in the mirror, and everybody that was watching said we looked slow like we weren't into it. We came out and turned on, and we were able to come back.

On how the game plan changed after the first half

"Coach came in at half time and erased everything off the board that we had written as keys to the second half, and he said none of it matters unless you play with energy. That is what we did in the second half, and that is why we won the game."

On how this win ranks in his college career

"That was a lot of fun. I don't think we have ever come back after that big of a deficit. Maybe USC a couple years ago, but that was a lot of fun I'll tell you that.

On why he sounds hoarse

"Yes, well the crowd was loud, and I'm trying to communicate as much as I can on defense trying to tell everyone where to be. I was just kind of yelling for about 40 minutes. That happens over the course of a game.

On what happened during the charge at the end and how did it develop

"They tried to isolate Marble, and I saw him driving right. He came straight down the lane line, and I stepped up and took it. He is a hard driver, and was trying to get to the rim. We knew we could take a lot of charges on him"

Shavon Shields

How fun that game was

"It was probably one of the most fun games I have ever played."

On why it was so fun

"The way we came out in the second half and the way the crowd got into it made it so fun. It was a great atmosphere"

On what part was the turning point

"I would say the turning point was right out of halftime. We came out of half really well. Half time we figured out what we needed to do to win this game, and we did it."

On what Coach Miles told the team at halftime

"He told us we needed to do what we had practiced for the past four days. He told us to be on the attack, and I think we did that."

On what changed during the last minutes of the game

"On defense, we were getting deflections and things like that, which allowed us to run a little bit. When we had them on our heels we were getting feet in the paint. We were driving close outs and things like that also."

Dylan Talley

On whether or not he thought his 3 point shot to give them the lead was going in

"Oh yeah, I think every shot I take is going in. I shoot with confidence, and it went in so I was happy."

On how difficult of a shot it was

"It wasn't that difficult of a shot, but it might not have been the best shot. I get yelled at sometimes in practice for crossover three point shots, but the clock was winding down and I had to do it. I was just fortunate it went in."

On his emotions hitting the shot

"You just get an adrenaline rush and the crowd is going crazy, and you just start yelling to. I don't know what I was yelling. You just feel so happy. I have been shooting a lot the last few days, and I am happy it paid off. On how much the crowd impacted their comeback tonight "The crowd played a huge role. Sometimes you get tired during the game, and the crowd gets into it and gives you that extra boost. We need that to finish off and keep on fighting. They played a huge role, and were important for us winning the game."

Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery

On what changed in the second half

"We didn't have the same intensity level I don't think at the start of the second half that we had at the start of the first half. I think that's really disappointing. This team has shown that it's going to keep fighting and keep coming. We had an opportunity there the first couple possessions when they got going and got other people involved, (Shavon) Shields in particular. We had (Dylan) Talley buttoned up in the first half, and he goes off in the second half. That was unfortunate. Very quickly it was less than 10 and then it's a different game, as when you're up 21 or 22. We allowed them to get their offense going. They ran good offense at the start of the second half. We changed to zone and that was effective for a little while. But you have to be able to play man-to-man."

On if the final possession where Talley hit the three was a breakdown on defense

"No. You have to give it to the kid. He hit a great shot. You really do. In that situation, I don't want to drive and foul, I don't want to throw it inside. They were scoring every time they threw it inside it seemed like. We wanted to shoot a contested jumper in that situation and that's what they shot. And the kid made it. Give it to him."

On the play where Roy Devyn Marble attempted a three late in the game

"We didn't execute that play. That was unfortunate. We didn't execute well at all."

On what Talley was able to do to the Iowa defense in the second half

"He got to the mid-range point, where he is pretty effective. He shot over Mike (Gesell) a couple times. He hit a couple floaters. He's one of those guys that once he gets going like that, he's really tough. We had him sideways in the first half, where he was 1-for-7. In the second half once he hit a couple, then he hit the big three off an offensive rebound, and we didn't get the ball. That really got him going I think."

On what message he delivers the team after the game

"I challenged them. I talked to individuals and some of the things we could've done. I hope they feel as badly as I do right now. We're all in this together. I'm not finger pointing at anybody but you can say ‘what about this' or ‘what about that?' We'll break that down. What could the players have done and what could the coaches have done differently? We'll get up tomorrow and get back to work."


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