Indiana Post Game Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach, Tim Miles 

Opening Statement
“After the last two nights, it would appear that Psalm 37, 'The meek shall inherit the Earth. The first shall be last and the last shall be first', kinda feels like the Big Ten right now, doesn’t it? The other line that we always use, of course, is 'If you’re going to get down, get down early'.”

On what changed between halves
“It was a couple of different things. First of all, Indiana did a very good job of confusing our guys. They went man-zone, within a position they’d go man-zone. Then when we played certain lineups, we wouldn’t guard guys. Then they’d face guard other guys, kind of making it look like triangle and two, even though it wasn’t triangle and two. Coach Crean really had a great game plan that way. It really kept us off-balance, even getting quality shots. Then we got a couple of shots, Benny got two and Leslie took one. We missed them all. Then they’d bank in two threes. That really affected us. You just can’t let those things that are out of your control affect you. I thought then, we were just kind of getting our butts kicked. They were on the attack. We weren’t and you’re down 32-19. We were lucky it was that close.”

On the team’s mental toughness
“We’re getting better. Here’s the thing. We found a way to win tonight. We have to credit them for being able to scratch out a victory when they weren’t at their best. I thought that was good. It’s one thing just to shoot well and win. It’s another thing to go out and scratch out a win. I was proud of the guys that they went out and did that.”

On what was said at half time
“I challenged them. I told them I thought that they were tentative and that we couldn’t be or else we were going to lose. We were getting killed on the boards, we were turning the ball over, we were standing around. We kind of did that to a lesser degree against Penn State. Now, all of a sudden, all of the problems are solved against Minnesota because we shoot 50 percent or whatever. Then we go back to tonight and we stand around like we don’t even realize what sport we’re playing. But they figured it out.”


Sophomore forward Terran Petteway

On what changed in the second half:
“We really learned to attack more in the second half. If you look at the first half we weren’t attacking the way we should have been. They threw a lot of defense at us and we stopped attacking. The second half we kind of got our composure back and started attacking. That’s when we went on our run.”

On tactics used in the second half:
“We just calmed down really. In the first half we were rushing too much. That’s why we got so many turnovers. We were just rushing with everything. Once we calmed down, that’s when we got it together and went on our run.”

On freshman guard Nathan Hawkins’ impact in the game:
“He didn’t score that many points, but his presence on the floor really helped us. He did knock down that big three. That was clutch.”

On the team’s improvement:
“You can definitely see where we are. We came a long way from where we were at the beginning of the year. Tonight, we were down 32-19. At the beginning of the year we probably would’ve fallen apart. But today we stayed together. We have come a long way.”

On the distribution of scoring:
“I just came out here doing the same thing I’ve been doing all year. Staying within the offense and not taking as many crazy shots. Keep playing ball with the team. That was my main focus. I wasn’t worried about scoring 35 points. I was just looking for another win.”

On the focus of the second half:
“We really just buckled down and communicated better in the second half then we did in the first half. That’s all it really was.”

Sophomore guard Shavon Shields

On the second consecutive conference win:
“It’s a big step. We just need to keep building, staying with the process and keep staying together. When we came together to make stops and kept it moving, we were pretty good.”

On having flashbacks to the Penn State game:
“No, that was a completely different game. We just needed to get on attacking when teams are throwing different defense at us. We haven’t been great, and that’s something we need to get better at.  I think we did that in the second half.”

On forcing turnovers:
“Sheehey and Ferrell are great players. That was our main thing coming in. We needed to stop them. In the first half we did a terrible job at that and got killed for turning the ball over. Then in the second half we turned it around.”

On the crowd:
“They’ve been great, especially now that the conference season has started. We really feed off of them. The place gets rocking in here. When we make plays and even on defense, the place just gets louder and louder. And when we get another steal and it gets even louder. I didn’t even know it was possible to get that loud. It got super loud tonight. We really feed off of that.”

On the team’s confidence level:
“It was kind of rough in the beginning but we’ve stayed with it. Now that we know that we can play with anyone and beat anyone, I mean why not?”


Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean

Opening Statement
“We came out with great defensive energy, pretty good ball movement and very good awareness. Bottom line is in the second half our awareness wasn’t where it needed to be defensively. There’s a certain way that (Nebraska) wants to play. And in the first half, we did a pretty good job of defending that and taking that away. In the second half, we allowed them to get too comfortable on the perimeter with the three-point shooting. We took the bait a little bit when the ball went into the middle. We’d worked hard on it for a couple of days and we reviewed it at halftime that we didn’t want to get off their shooters. We wanted to extend a little bit more than usual. The bottom line is when you have shooters like they have and you play the middle and you go to the guy in the middle, whether you are man or zone, and you allow them to throw the ball back in – they made some big shots. We just weren’t as aware. It’s unfortunate because it’s a game where we were right there the whole way. They did a good job of bottling up the lane. We got the ball inside enough, we just didn’t get enough done with it. So we got it in, but we just didn’t get enough production from it. Bottom line, our lack of awareness defensively combined with any points off the turnovers was the difference. And (Nebraska) made big shots.”

On the second half struggle
“I’d have to really think about that. I’m not really thinking about how that works into the Illinois game. We just needed to continue to drive the ball. We got to the basket at times. I’ll have to watch the film on the offense. It was more about our lack of awareness defensively. We were in control of the game in the first half. And obviously it’s a 40-minute game. We knew that. But we had a pretty good idea of what they were going to go to. Like I said, we kind of took the bait a little bit. That’s what we’ve got to outgrow. We lost this game on the defensive end more so than anything we did on the offensive side. I may feel different after we watch the film. Again, when you shoot the way they did in the second half from the three and from the field versus what they did in the first half, that’s a big difference.”

On if he sensed a letup
“No. Did you? I just think it was lack of awareness and to what was working for us. We played hard. We got a little quiet. We didn’t have as much being ready to be on the attack. Again, you have to stay really disciplined. It doesn’t matter what sport it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s football, if it’s hockey – when you get out of your lane a little bit and your playing defensive against a team that has as many shooters as they have, they can make you pay and that’s exactly what they did. They didn’t in the first half because we did a good job of challenging shots well. When we’re in long close-out situations, that’s what hurt us. That allowed the crowd to get back into it. We played nip and tuck but we should’ve never gotten into that hole based on our defense. But I don’t think it was from a lack of playing hard.”

On the difference from last year
“There’s two different teams. I think you could’ve stopped right there. It’s two different teams. We lost a couple guys to a lottery and are out there with three freshmen starters. So we are an entirely different team. (Nebraska Coach Tim Miles) has done a great job. He has done a fantastic job. He has a great staff. They played very hard. It’s just a matter of time. This building is spectacular. They’ve got a lot of things to be excited about and be proud of. They’ve got a very good team. They cause matchup issues. For the most part, he puts people out there you have to guard past the three-point line. When you have people like (Walter) Pitchford that can do that. And (Shavon) Shields with the outside abilities that he has. Not to mention (Terran) Petteway and all the other guys and (Ray) Gallegos. Gallegos has done a great job. In reference to your question, a year ago when we played them, he was averaging 17 shots in the league and 10 threes. You talk about a guy that continues to understand how to help his team. He’s an impressive young man. I don’t know him but he’s impressive. And he hurt us in some really tough times.”




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