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Nebraska Postgame Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach Connie Yori
#22 Purdue 77, #18 Nebraska 75
Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014
Lincoln, Neb. (Pinnacle Bank Arena)

Opening Statement
“Well, I think everybody thought that one was going to go to overtime, I'm sure. That was a good basketball game. It's fun to be a part of games like that. You don't want to be on the losing end, but it was a good basketball game. The crowd had to enjoy that. There were a lot of big plays and a lot of good things. We just dug ourselves in a hole twice by double digits. It was good to see our kids fight back,try to hang in there and be persistent. Those are positives. You hate losing two-point games, but at the same time I like our moxie and our toughness. In the first half, I just felt like we missed a lot of plays at the basket. We had opportunities to score at the rim and we just couldn't complete those plays. They had 13 steals. We were not strong enough with the ball. That was probably the most disappointing thing, but I think that's probably part of the way the game was called. Sometimes it's called a little tighter than others. In the first half, (Courtney) Moses just goes off, (Whitney) Bays has a great game and KK Houser has a great game. That's the way I saw it."


On the match ups

“I think Bays had a really good game. It's kind of like a chess match when we play Purdue because they match up one way one possession and another way the next possession. Bays had a really good game. She's playing with a lot of confidence, and I thought she was really attack-minded. We could have brought doubles a little quicker at times, but she's a tough matchup."

On Whitney Bays
“She's a good player. They threw the ball inside to her and she made some tough shots. We were there on some catches and some of her shots, but she made them. She was pretty powerful and she's a good player. She gives them a different dimension, considering that they lost their post game from last year. She's such a key for them, and when she plays that well with their guards, they're pretty good."

On Hailie Sample's game
“I would like to see her do more early when people play her that way. I thought it took her until the second half. She's been played that way enough that I would like to see her take advantage of the opportunities a little bit more early and not wait until the second half. 

On Jordan Hooper being weary
“She looked tired. I think Emily (Cady) has a little bit more of a motor, while I think Jordan (Hooper) was a little bit tired tonight. She looked tired from the get-go. We're asking those guys to do a lot and we're just not deep. It's what it is and it's what we have. It's a concern. There's no doubt it's a concern."

On Jordan Hooper's affect on offense
“Even when Jordan's not scoring, she stretches defense. You can say they're doing a great job on Jordan, but what that does is free up other people to score. When you're getting face guarded, you're playing four-on-four. Now you can take advantage of certain opportunities there. Four-on-four spacing is different than five-on-five spacing. So even when she's not being highly productive, so to speak, on offense, she's still making it hard for them to guard other kids."

On Purdue's quickness
“That was our concern going into the game. We feel like their speed at the guard is really good, and they got transition baskets, especially early in the game. The game wears a little and kids get a little more tired, but early in the game they beat us in transition. That was a really big concern for us. They definitely have a quickness advantage on us at the guard spots."

On the game's outcome
“I'm not discouraged by what happened today. Of course you want to win. The end result is that you don't win, and that's disappointing, but we did some good things. We had our chances. T (Laudermill) hits those two threes, which were big shots. That's exciting that she can make that shot and is willing to take it. As was mentioned, Hailie (Sample) had a better second half. We don't have to simply rely on Jordan (Hooper), Emily (Cady) and Rachel (Theriot)."


Emily Cady - Junior - Forward
On the final play
"Well we didn't contain the dribbler and then we didn't box and they shot it and scored."


On things they could have improved during the game
"I think one of the biggest things we could have done better was noticing when Moses getting really hot and shooting threes left and right and I think our biggest problem right now is not noticing when another player is getting hot and not taking away their shot. I think that's a big thing because she scored like four threes right in a row and if that wouldn't have happened we would have been better off."


On difficulties containing Moses
"I think that's one of the major things is letting Moses get hot and she scored a bunch in the first half. We weren't playing defense very well and our shots weren't falling and we needed to offensive rebound more."


On if the team was fatigued
"I mean for me myself, my legs feel fine but I couldn't say for anyone else."


Tear'a Laudermill - Junior - Guard
On what they had trouble stopping
"I think the most difficult part was just their screens and talking through their screens and make sure we are communicating so two people don't go to one. That's pretty much the hardest thing I thought. And then boxing out and just finding out, like (Emily Cady) said, finding out who's hot. But we're going to learn from our mistakes and figure it out next time."


On hitting the big shots down the stretch
"I mean the feeling was good. I appreciate (Emily Cady) for finding me."



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