Purdue Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Purdue Head Coach Sharon Versyp

Opening Statement
"Just always know that Nebraska and us have very intense games. Our program has a lot of respect for Connie and her program. They (NU) have great fans, we knew it was going to be a battle and we knew they always had a run in them, and we knew we always had a run in us. Then it kinda went back and forth, and I just couldn't be more proud of this group of women that have been through so much over these last few weeks." 

On the win today
"Well as we have talked about, this group, these women, will be ready for the world. We have been battle-tested in life and out in the basketball court. The maturity of this group, we have used it to show and honor people. We have all been close, KK and Riley had a special bond. She knew that she was going out and going to honor her. I told the team I was proud of them, because a lot of teams would have came out and laid an egg. This shows the type of women we have." 

Whitney Bays
On the last play

"Coach drew up a play and I think we executed it really well. We got the shot up and I got the rebound and went  up strong through contact and finished." 

On the second half, being able to stay on the court
"Yeah definitely and my teammates. First of all, what a week, this has been a long week and everyone has willed me through this game. Today we  came in and we were playing for something bigger--for Riley--and for ourselves. I thought as a team we really did that today." 

KK Houser 
On coming to PBA and playing (Did she have fun)

"I would say I had fun in the second half. The first half was brutal. I thought I was OK until I got out here and all those Husker fans are out to get me (laughs). So just having to stay poised-- it was rough in the first half, but the second half coming off the bench it made me calm down and go get it." 

On if she was pressing early on
"My plan was for everything to come to me, I felt like my defender as hanging on me so I was trying to get my teammates open. Courtney was knocking down three-pointers and was on fire, so I was trying to get Courtney the ball and ride her as long as we could."

On what she learned about the team this week
"We are fighters, we have each others backs. We are one strong family and we have strong team chemistry. That is why we are successful." 


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