Rachel Theriot led the Big Red with 12 assists against Michigan State.
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Nebraska Player Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Emily Cady
6-2, Junior, Forward
On approach coming into today's game after their last matchup with Michigan State

"That we just need to play better defense than we did before and lock in on their players. I think we had a better game plan this time, and we listened to what the coaches said and did what they needed us to do."

On what sparked the 22-0 run in the first half
"People were just hitting shots, and being aggressive off the dribble always helps. Getting rebounds, we were working really well as a team together on that run and that really helped us."

On having a sense at the beginning of the game if it was just a matter of time before they went on a run, after starting the first four minutes slow
"Whenever we don’t do well, we don’t mope about it. We just keep on playing our game and eventually we're going to hit shots. We're not going to miss shots the whole game, hopefully, so things started clicking and we started doing better."

On the success of her and Rachel Theriot's pick and roll game
"Yeah. Coach drew that up, just special for this game."

On Allie Havers' competitiveness
"Oh, she's tough. Allie's real tough and she's getting stronger, lifting weights and doing what she needs to do in the gym and in the weight room."

On putting the pick and roll game in especially for this game
"Well, we knew they were hedging on ball screens with me, so I just knew to set ball screens for Rach and then slip to the basket, and they would hedge the ball screen, and Rach just has that nice pass."

On pride she has in the team's passing game
"We're very unselfish and sometimes that can hurt us, but other times it's really nice because Rach had what? Like 12 assists? That’s pretty good and when your team meshes like that, it's kind of hard to stop."

On how unselfish passing can hurt the team
"Well, over-passing and having the defense steal the ball. Stuff like that."

On Rachel's ability as a passer
"I always call her 'shifty' because you never know where she's going to go. Sometimes the defense might think that she's going to pass it somewhere else, but, in reality, she's passing it to another person, so I think that confuses the defense and I think that’s what makes her really good."

On what this win does for putting the team in the race for the Big Ten title
"I don’t look too far in advance. I just play game-by-game and what's next kind of thing, so we're going to have a day off and I'm going to focus on the next game and, after that, the next game. If it comes, then it comes."

On having to be on her toes when playing with Rachel
"As like an offensive player? Yes. I never know where she's going, if she's going to shoot it, if she's going to drive it or if she's going to pass it, so we always have to be aware of where she's going. We just have to know who Rachel is and what she's going to do. I think pretty much all of us have a grasp of who Rach is."

On having a sense that this was a "can't lose" game in terms of this Big Ten race
"I think we go in to every game thinking that it's a 'can't lose' game. We want to go in and we want to win. We're competitors that way and we just always want to win."

On what she attributed her assists numbers to in this game
"I just know my teammates can shoot the ball and score, so I can put trust into them that, if I make a pass to them, they're going to shoot it and make it."

Rachel Theriot
6-0, Sophomore, Point Guard
On what it feels like when the team is on a big run and the crowd is loud

"It's just more confidence our way when things are going our way. The momentum, the energy is all going with us. We just build off of that."

On what feels better, knocking down a shot or a perfect pass for Emily
"Probably a pass. I don’t know, I don’t really care (laughs)."

On main difference between this game and the last matchup at Michigan State
"Just being here mentally and physically. I mean it's a big game, obviously every game's a big game. The way that we played there, obviously we wanted to redeem ourselves and come back stronger and do what we do."

On what Coach Yori said during the first media timeout to spark the big run
"Pretty much just run our game plan and do what we know how to do. Just play how we play."

On what they did after the losses to Northwestern and Purdue to win four games in a row
"I just think, overall, we're playing better basketball within ourselves. We're knowing each other, playing together a lot more. It just seems like things are flowing a lot more."

On who she emulates as a passer
"Not really. I mean, NBA players like Steve Nash, but I don't know. He's just a good passer I guess."

On if she's completely healthy from her foot injury last season
"I would say yeah. I'm healthy. I mean, I do what I can, obviously. Since last year, I can do a lot more, like more attacking and stuff like that, but, overall, I'm doing a lot better."


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