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Coach Connie Yori Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

#22 Nebraska 76
#24 Michigan State 56
Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014
Pinnacle Bank Arena (Lincoln, Neb.)

Coach Connie Yori Opening Statement
"There are stretches of the game where we couldn't play a lot better than we played.  A 22-0 run. I thought we passed the ball so well. We have become a better passing team than I perhaps would have thought. I knew Rachel (Theriot) could pass it, but I feel like the rest of our kids are doing a pretty good job of finding one another and I think that just comes with playing together. Some of those kids have played together for quite awhile, but our passing was at times very, very good.  I thought in terms of following the game plan and playing with intelligence, we were superior in doing those two things. We just did a really good job of executing what we were trying to do, particularly during those stretches and taking advantage of those opportunities that we had match-up wise.  Then defensively I thought our kids did a good job. We had three things we were doing and they did a good job of executing our defensive game plan. Our players are playing with a lot of intelligence right now."

On Nebraska's defense
"Without Kiana Johnson, it changes them [Michigan State] a little bit.  We definitely changed our defensive game plan from the first time, but some of it was related to the expectation that she wasn't going to play, so we had some better choices defensively."

On the Big Ten
"It's a long season and you can't get too high and you can't get too low. You really can't. You just have to keep doing what you're doing and trying to find a way to beat that next team and prepare.  It's easy to lose two games in a row in this league. It's a good league. That's normal. We're not a dominant team. Look at us. We've had a ton of close games. We've had 10 games and five of them have come down to the wire. We've won three, lost two. Today was a little unusual, but there's been a lot of those.  Everyone can beat everyone and you just keep trying to play."

On Nebraska's passing
"Our ball movement is good. Rachel is pretty outstanding as a passer, but then other kids are contributing. Look at what Emily (Cady) is doing and other kids are contributing at passing. I think we have a better sense of what we're trying to get. We've become a better cutting team; passing and cutting. We're jut playing without the ball better than we were earlier in the year."

On sophomore point guard Rachel Theriot
"She's got size so she can see over the defense. There are point guards that are more penetrating point guards and see through the defense, she sees over the defense.  She's got great vision, but then you think about what she does defensively for us too and she's got great vision defensively. You can tell that kid something one time and she's going to do it right for 10 straight times. She's just smart. That doesn't come from us coaching her, that comes from way back when she was younger and having a vision of the game."

On junior forward Emily Cady
"She creates a match-up issue for our opponents at times. She's a tough cover because of her versatility. She can shoot it and she can drive it, and she can score on the low block, and she can finish it at the basket, and she can move without the ball. She becomes an advantage. Over the years, when we can take advantage of match-ups with her, it helps us."

On forwards Jordan Hooper and Emily Cady
"They can catch everything. Those two kids have great hands. They would make great wide receivers, tight ends, whatever. They can catch the ball, and you can't overlook that, because that is something. Not every kid that's rolling on a ball screen can catch it and finish it and they can do that for us. And Hailie (Sample) too, all of those guys have good hands. Once the ball is in their hands, they usually hold onto it."


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