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Assisted Listening System Equipment - Assistive Listening System Equipment is available inside Gate 18 at the Guest Relations/Security Office and inside the West Stadium Lobby at the Guest Relation/Security Office.

ATMs - Located on the north (gate 14), east (gate 20), south (gate 1) and west (between gates 6 & 8) concourses of Memorial Stadium and in the lobby on the southeast corner of the Stadium Drive parking garage (Lot 1).

Backrest Policy/Rental - Personal backrests (any shape or size) are not allowed in Memorial Stadium. Backrests are available for rent on a single game basis ($5) at locations in the stadium throughout the concourse. Seat cushions without backs are permissible. The new East Stadium 600 level seats have backrests built into the bench so rentals are not needed in this seating area. NOTE: East Stadium upper level seats have backrests so rentals are not needed.

Bags & Bag Search - he University of Nebraska reserves the right to examine any bag/container brought into the stadium. All bags must fit in provided security tubs which are 13.5"X10"X7". Items cannot be taken out of bags to pass size requirements.

Disability Services - Gates 3, 11, 15, 16A, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 23A & 24 are disabled accessible.

Drop Off - Fans can be dropped off north of Lot 8 via eastbound Salt Creek Roadway.

Drones - UNL does not allow drones on or over UNL property, and FAA regulations restrict the operation of all unmanned aircraft, including drones, UAVs or remote control aircraft, in or around Memorial Stadium up to one hour prior to and one hour after game time. The FAA also restricts drones within 5 miles of airports.

Electronic Ticket Scanning/Exiting the Stadium/Re-entry - All tickets will be electronically scanned to verify authenticity. Tickets must be scanned each time a guest enters or exits the stadium. At the start of the fourth quarter there will be no re-entry. Guests are reminded that any items they bring into the stadium upon re-entry are subject to search.

Emergency Information - In the event of an emergency where the seating areas need to be vacated, direct your attention to the video boards, listen to public address announcements and follow the directions of stadium staff.

Event Staff - Any event staff member will be able to answer general questions. When in doubt, ask to speak with an event staff supervisor.

Fan Experience - Let us know how your game day experience was by visiting and post a comment (tab at the bottom of the home page).

First Aid - The Red Cross provides emergency medical services and first aid stations that are located in the southeast corner of field level, east stadium upper concourse, east stadium club level, northwest concourse, and west stadium club level of the stadium. The emergency heart unit is in the northwest concourse; Advanced Cardiac Life Support is in the southeast corner of field level. Contact Red Cross volunteers, Boy Scout volunteers or stadium security personnel for assistance.

Food & Beverage - Food and beverages from approved game day vendors selling on University grounds are allowed inside the stadium. Personal empty water bottles (plastic only) are allowed into the stadium for fans to be able to refill at the fountains inside. All other outside food and beverage is prohibited.

Game Day Schedule

  • (pregame, prior to kickoff)
  • 7 a.m. - Stadium Drive closed to vehicle traffic
  • 4 hours - Ticket Office opens, North Stadium Lobby opens (closes 30 minutes before kickoff)
  • 3 hours - Husker Nation Pavilion opens, West Stadium Lobby opens
  • 3 hours - Gate 19 and 21 opening for club and suite ticket holders only
  • 2.5 hours - Unity Walk- Football Team arrives (East stadium plaza)
  • 1.5 hours - Stadium gates open
  • 45 minutes - Band marches to stadium (gates 3 & 11)
  • 20 minutes - Field cleared for pregame activities

Gates/Stadium Entry - Fans are encouraged to enter the stadium at the gate printed on their ticket; however, fans can enter gates 1-23 to access the East, North and West Stadiums. Gate 24 is a limited entrance point only for persons holding tickets that indicate Gate 24. Premium level ticket holders should enter the area printed on their ticket.

Guest Services - Guest Service booths are located around the exterior of Memorial Stadium; outside Gate 20 and West Stadium Lobby, and inside Gates 8 and 20.

Huskers Authentic - The Official Team Store of the Huskers. The main store is located at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Satellite stores are located on east and west concourses, east stadium plaza inside Memorial Stadium and at Husker Nation Pavilion. The main store opens at 8 a.m. for morning kickoffs and 10 a.m. for afternoon and evening kickoffs.

Husker Nation Pavilion - The Husker Nation Pavilion is located on the Grass turf practice field just outside of the northeast corner of Memorial Stadium. It opens three hours before kickoff of every home game and is free fun for the whole family. It includes activities such as a autograph sessions, inflatables and games. A video board shows football games from around the country with seating at the Ed Weir Stadium just south of the Pavilion. Husker fans can also listen to the IMG College Husker Sports Network pregame radio broadcast, live from the Pavilion before each game. For more information, contact Nebraska Athletic Marketing at (402) 472-0775. For more information check here.

Junior Blackshirts - Jr. Blackshirts day camp for 2-12 year olds, offered by UNL Campus Recreation. Your child care option for select home football game days. Learn more at http://crec.unl. edu/youth/index.shtml.

Lost and Found - Stadium lost and found areas are located at the Guest Relations/Security Offices inside Gate 18 of east stadium and inside the west stadium lobby and are open 90 minutes pre- and 45 minutes post-game. Individuals who find lost articles should contact event security or police officers. All lost and found items will remain at the stadium until the end of the season. Items may be claimed by contacting the Athletic Events Office at (402) 472-1003.

Osborne Athletic Complex - The Traditions Lobby and The Nebraska Experience Room will be open to the public four hours before kickoff (videos will not be shown on game day). You can view our national championship trophies, BCS trophies, assorted bowl trophies and more. Guided tours are not available on game day. For more information on the Tom and Nancy Osborne Athletic Complex, guided tours, and self-guided tours, please visit or for tour info call (402) 472-3333.

Parking - See "Parking" under gameday menu

Permissible Items - Fans can access the express entry lanes when entering the stadium with a jacket and tickets. Small purses, camera bags and seat cushions without backrest are also allowed in the stadium, but must be screened at the security check points.

Phone Numbers

  • University Operator - (402) 472-7211
  • University Police - (402) 472-2222
  • Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office - (402) 472-3111 or(800) 8-BIGRED
  • Nebraska Athletic Department - (402) 472-4224
  • Husker Athletic Fund- (402) 472-2367
  • Nebraska Event Management - (402) 472-1003
  • Lost & Found (postgame) - (402) 472-1003
  • Junior Blackshirts - (402) 472-3467
  • StarTran shuttle service - (402) 476-1234

Photography - Use of cameras is permitted but the camera as a whole must pass size restrictions of gate security tubs (see Bags & Bag Search). Game action may not be filmed.

Programs - Programs are sold at all concession stands and in stands outside the stadium.

Prohibited Items - Alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, bags larger than security tubs (see bags & bag search), coolers, chair backs, noise makers, glass bottles, cans, video cameras, banners/flags on poles, use of selfie sticks and open umbrellas. Consideration of other spectators is expected. With the passage of the concealed weapons law in the state of Nebraska, fans are reminded that concealed weapons are not allowed on the UNL campus and are prohibited at all collegiate sporting events. At the discretion of game management, other items are subject to being prohibited. For a complete list, visit

Radio - The IMG College Husker Sports Network will produce and market the live broadcasts for Nebraska football in 2015. Anchor affiliates will again be KFAB (1110 AM) in Omaha, KLIN (1400 AM) in Lincoln and KRVN (880 AM) in Lexington. A complete list of affiliates can be found at Huskers. com. Sirius XM satellite radio will again carry Nebraska games.

Smoking - Smoking is NOT permitted in Memorial Stadium. This includes electronic cigarettes or other forms of electronic smoking.

Sportsmanship - The University of Nebraska promotes good sportsmanship and conduct among our alumni, students and friends. Inappropriate conduct, activity or any discourtesy should be reported to stadium personnel or the Athletic Events Office at (402) 472-1003. You may also utilize our text messaging service to report such complaints (see Text Messaging Service).

Storage - There is not a secure area for patrons to store any personal items inside the stadium. Permissible items stored at seating locations cannot impede fan traffic, i.e. strollers, walkers, blankets, etc.

Tailgating - The University of Nebraska promotes responsible tailgating. Please be considerate of those around you - both outside the stadium and in your seat. Intoxication can lead to denied entry into Memorial Stadium. Parking lots will open at 6 a.m. for games kicking off prior to 6 p.m. and 11 a.m. for kickoffs 6 p.m. or later.

Text Messaging Service - In case of emergencies or to report a disturbance in your area, send a SMS text message to 69050, keyword UNLPD. Then type in your complaint and location. Standard text message rates will apply.

Towed Vehicles - You may claim your vehicle by contacting the UNL Police at (402) 472-2222.