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Nebraska Postgame vs. Jacksonville State

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach Tim Miles
 Opening Statement
"Did you guys ever see that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? If you haven't, you just lived it. Christmas came early in the Devaney."

On his overall thoughts about the game
"First of all, we're up, I think 13 at the under-eight timeout. I think it's 13, and I said, 'Okay, here's how you win the game: from the under-eight to the under-four, you extend the lead. You extend the lead. Just play your butt off, play defense, handle the ball well, be on the attack.' Whatever their run was from there, we just did completely the opposite. It was so disappointing. We were fortunate. We just plain got lucky."

 On what was causing Nebraska's foul problems late
"We were thin. David (Rivers) I thought was a little-I thought we were tired. We couldn't guard the ball at all. We talked about going zone, and I just can't-I should have. I would have put the guys in a more favorable position, but I didn't. I wanted them to have to earn the victory, and we got lucky. We just quit guarding the ball. We were slow, I remember one play, it was a switch and they threw it back to the guy that set the screen, and Dylan (Talley) stayed with his guy and Shavon (Shields) was talking him off, talking him off. They threw it back, and then Dylan was behind on the play and he fouls. And then (Darion) Rackley's good. He's a really nice player. I like him."

 On Nebraska's defensive play
"We had a great defensive stand in the half: eight straight, 13 out of 14 possessions. We went from up five to down seven to up seven, and that was really good defense. I thought we did a lot of good things. But you've got to finish the ballgame. It's a 40-minute game and you've got to have some courage. That helps."

Nebraska Freshman Guard Shavon Shields

On if things have started to flow since his injury
"It's feeling better. It's getting better. You could say that."

On if he's getting into the flow of the game
"Yeah, you could say that. I get used to it each game and each practice and every chance I get to get back out there and get into it."

On what ways he's getting used to it

"Just from high school to college, it's a lot faster and things like that. It's more physical."

On if he feels his conditioning is behind where it should be

On if missing the practice time has hurt in his conditioning

"I try not to think about it."

On if his run of six straight points was the most confident he's felt at this level

"Yeah, probably. I mean Brandon (Ubel), Dylan (Talley) and Ray (Gallegos) were being keyed on, so that opened things up for me. Every time Dylan would drive, they would crash in on him. Every time Ubel had the ball, they were looking that way so it opened things up like cuts and lanes for me. That helped me out a lot. The upperclassmen helped me out a lot."

On if his spin move is part of his normal arsenal

"I like to go to it. Coach Miles doesn't like that move, so I should probably cut it out."

Senior Forward Brandon Ubel

On what happened during the last run by Jacksonville State
"We just kind of stopped playing. I think we looked up at the scoreboard and felt a little too comfortable. You give Jacksonville State a lot of credit, because they just didn't stop playing. They played for 40 minutes and we played for 32. Actually, in the first half, we did the same thing. We got up early and relaxed a little bit, than they turned up the pressure. Until we play a good 40 minutes of basketball, we might struggle a little bit."

On if he saw some better things from the offense
"We changed a couple of things up. We tried to get the ball inside a little more. We tried to open things up a little bit for Ray (Gallegos) and Dylan (Talley) on the perimeter. We tried to put people in different spots and get people moving a little bit differently than we have. That definitely helped us out. We attacked the rim pretty well tonight. We shot more free throws than we usually do, so that's good. We have to keep doing that. We can't just relax at any point."

On if he saw Shavon Shields getting a little more comfortable on the floor
"Yeah. I've always known he's a good player and he can do a lot of things for us. But when you sit out for two months and you're a freshman, it takes a little time to catch up. He understands the game so well. He has a good IQ, he understands where to be on the floor instinctively. Those things are falling into place now that he's adjusted to the speed and the strength better. I have to continue to help him, because it's going to get a little faster and a little bit stronger here in a couple weeks."

Jacksonville State Coach James Green
On the last shot

"We looked for three at the end for the win so we could get out, it just didn't work out. You can't get mad about the drive, he had a lane. You have to take what the defense gives you and that is what they gave us. His momentum carried him too far and he laid it up off the back of the rim."

On the overall game

"Our effort was really good, we had some guys obviously didn't shoot well. Going into the game we thought we would have to shoot the ball well in order to have an opportunity. We shot 28 percent from three and 36 percent overall, we did get to the line quite a bit in the second half... more than we did in the first half, I think that had a lot to with us getting back into the ball game."

On the defensive play

"Defensively we broke down in some areas, but we also did some really good things defensively, pressuring the ball and defending the ball when they (Nebraska) passed the ball. Give Nebraska credit, they hit a stretch in the game when they got hot."

On Shavon Shields

"He was a tough match-up for us; he did a really good job at making some plays. But that is what we wanted; we wanted somebody else to step up besides Gallegos and Talley. Give Nebraska credit to find another guy to make baskets in a game like this, to help them win."

*-Shavon Shields tied his career high for the third straight game with 14 points, as he also had seven at Oregon on Dec. 15. Shields also tied or set personal bests in rebounds (three) and steals (two).
*-Brandon Ubel picked up his third double-double of the season and fourth of his career with 15 points and 10 rebounds
*-Nebraska has now held five of its first 10 opponents to 60 points or less
*-Nebraska's bench outscored Jacksonville State, 18-4, tonight. It is the third straight game NU's bench has outscored its opponents
*-Prior to tonight, the last time Nebraska didn't hit a 3-pointer was against Vanderbilt during the 2010-11 season. The last time Nebraska won a game without a three-pointer was Feb. 14, 1998 against Baylor.
*-Nebraska tied a season best with 17 free throws, going 17-of-21 from the foul line.
*-Nebraska's 12 unanswered points at the end of the first half marked its largest run since a 14-0 spurt against USC on Dec. 3.


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