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Nebraska Head Coach Mike Anderson

Opening Statement

Obviously we’re very excited to get going and very excited for the opportunity for these kids to play in front of a home crowd and very excited to be playing in front of Manhattan tomorrow. We have had a full week of preparation. I think our kids’ enthusiasm is outstanding. We have some great focus on some very small things, some very fundamental type things this week. We had that type of practice again today. We definitely won’t look past Manhattan. That’s our one and only focus.


On last year’s Regional versus this year’s Regional

Completely different team. Different set of circumstances. Different journey, different process. The only thing we can tell you is that we’re prepared for Manhattan. I know that’s coach talk but that’s really it. There hasn’t been one time the entire week that we talked to our team about last year. Not once. It hasn’t been a part of our focus. Our focus is on Chris Cody, a left-handed pitcher from Manhattan. We are going to try to get after him and the whole Manhattan team.


On Manhattan

They are a quality team that won a tournament championship that deserves the right to have the respect that we give them. If we don’t give them that respect, they will come out and beat you. We have to give them that. They have a quality left-hander (Chris Cody) that is in their coach’s terms, a ‘bulldog.’ He is a young man that is probably going to pitch nine innings, good, bad or ugly. We have seen some of the scouting reports and the work that he’s done. He’s given up runs early and fought through it and got wins late. He’s done well and given up a run or two in the seventh inning and still got wins. He knows how to win. He’s going to pitch and continue to pitch for them.


Jeff Christy

On using last year’s Regional experience this year

It’s still the game of baseball. It’s a new year and this is our team. We just go out there and try to have that experience help us out a little bit and prepare the other guys for what’s to come throughout the Regional. We’re just ready to play some baseball.


Joba Chamberlain

On pitching against Manhattan’s Chris Cody

You have to come out and be ready to go from pitch one. You know they’re going to be excited and the big key is to go out there and throw a zero up in the top of the first so these guys can get going and do what they do best. I think from the pitching side we have to stay confident in our abilities and know that if we do give up runs that we have a great offensive team and they’re going to give us a run. We just have to compete on the mound and keep us in the game.  


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