Manhattan Press Conference Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications
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Head Coach Kevin Leighton
Opening Statement
On behalf of Manhattan, our program, team, alumni, president, A.D., all the support staff and Manhattan University, we are very happy to be here. I am very proud of our team, our group of kids, and we hope we represent our school and program well while we’re here. Thank you very much. It’s been great so far and we hope it continues.

On Friday starter Chris Cody
He’s just a guy who makes the ball miss the bat. He’s a tough kid on the mound. You can see here that he kind of comes off as a shy kid, but when he takes the mound he’s tough. He’s a great competitor. He commands the strike zone and doesn’t give up many hard hits. If he throws his game tomorrow night he’s going to do well for us and go deep into the game. Hopefully we’ll be on top at the end of the night.

On playing in the Lincoln Regional
It’s a great atmosphere. No matter what you’re going to have fun. If you play well, you’re going to be on top in one or two games, and hopefully three. What we’re trying to take away from this is the atmosphere. It’s just going to be a blast for our kids to play in front of 10,000 fans. They are not going to be scared. They’re not going to be nervous. I think they are absolutely pumped up to be in front of a big crowd.

John Fitzpatrick
On the experience so far
It’s been amazing. It’s neat to come here and we just hope to represent our school well. We need to play the way we are capable of playing. We don’t want this experience to end now. We’ve come here and we have to play well.

On how Nebraska’s different than New York
Once we started getting into the city there were a lot of things we could identify with. It was a lot different once we got here (Lincoln) and there were people around, other than just the cornfields. It was a little shocking when we stepped off the plane.

Nick Derba
On playing in front of a big crowd
Tulane was probably the biggest crowd, a little more than 2,000. No matter how many people are out there though we still have to play the same game. It’s still 90 feet to first base and 60 feet 6 inches to the plate. We have to go out and play our same game no matter what.

On if its right to take the underdog role
I think its right to take that point of view because frankly we are. We are underdogs being the fourth seed and the first time here in Regionals, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t play with these guys. Nebraska is a heck of a ball club, but if we play our best ball we can hang around with these guys. You never know what happens. Baseball is a crazy game.

Chris Cody
On Friday’s game
I imagine it will probably be one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had. Going out there, toeing the rubber, looking up and seeing a sea of red shirts, red hats, it will probably be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. But that’s what I’ve dreamed about since I started playing college baseball. This is what you play for. I can’t wait honestly.

On his pitching style
I think I am more of a control, finesse type of guy. I don’t really rely on my velocity to get me through games. I try to hit spots and keep them guessing.


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