Nebraska-Stanford Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Stanford Head Coach John Rittman
Opening Statement
"Long day at the ball park today. Definitely a little disappointing that we didn't bring our A game today but very proud of our team. We lost  to a very good Nebraska team that came up big today in the clutch. Very proud of our seniors--the way they carried themselves. We had a lot of times that we could of quit in the game, but we battled back and gave ourselves a chance. I am just really proud of our effort and congratulations to Nebraska, they played a great series this weekend."

On the rain delays
"Yeah it is softball, we have dealt with rain before so you just have to mentally prepare for it and keep yourself ready. I think Teagan (Gerhart) did a really good job doing that today, she pitched her heart out today and as a coach that is all you can ask for in difficult situations."

On the two-out hits today
"It's tough, its especially tough for the pitchers when you are trying to beat a team you have already faced. Our hitters did a much better job today against (Tatum) Edwards, but Erin (Ashby) came up clutch today and we never quit today and I think that is what is so impressive about this team, we got down a couple times and kept fighting back and Erin gave us a couple of big hits and RBI's, we just came up a little short."

Sophomore Erin Ashby
On her success against Tatum Edwards today
"Coach really stressed making adjustments, like the old saying 'fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.' and so we really worked on hitting pitches in BP that were her strengths and what we had seen. We really worked at looking at that pitch and making adjustments batter-to-batter, pitch-to-pitch."


Nebraska Head Coach Rhonda Revelle
Opening Statement
“I’m kind of without words. I thought we played with an incredible sense of calmness and an energy that we had all weekend long. It didn’t matter if it was raining, a lightning delay, or just a regular game day. I thought we were very consistent in our approach. It didn’t matter what the score was or who was leading. That’s what we’ve been working on all year long, and it came to life today.”

On the lengthy day
“Crazy. Crazy, but it got almost comical in that final rain delay because that’s how our travel has been all year. We’ve stopped and started, rerouted, driven a bus to Purdue, and on and on. We have made so many adjustments together as a team, and that’s what we were doing today. Every weekend the coaches marveled at how great they handled the adversity, and they did it again today. They were awesome at handling adversity today.”

On what she told them during the delays
“I didn’t have to say anything. That’s when you know you have a mature group. I was laughing because we had comedy acts going on.”

On heading to Super Regionals
“It’s big. All of the seniors and the fifth-years who are helping us out are in tears down there because they never got to bust through. I would like to think there are a lot of alumni out there who are really proud of this moment because there is a lot of pride and tradition in this program, and this team has honored that throughout this season.”

On what their mindset was heading into the first delay down 3-1
“Not to take anything away from Stanford, but we felt like we still had things in our control. We scored in the first inning and felt like we were seeing the ball well.”

On Alicia Armstrong’s home run
“She didn’t just hit a home run, she hit a laser beam. It charged the crowd and set up what unfolded. Gabby had a perfectly executed squeeze bunt that tied the game, and then we tried to make something happen that ended with an out, but we still had Gabby at second. Then Taylor hit a ball that took a funny hop, but we’ll take it. That’s what the game is all about.”

On facing Oregon
“They’re a great program. I’m glad that we’ve played them already. It wasn’t our best game, but I think that’s an advantage for us. It was in February, and that’s a long time ago, but I think we’re going to go in there very confident. Throw all numbers aside, because when you look at all of the regionals around the country, anybody can win any game. We’re not just satisfied with being here, but we’re going to soak this in tonight and get back to work tomorrow. We’re going out there to make some noise.”

Senior Gabby Banda
On what she was feeling
“I’m excited to share this moment with this team. It’s been a special ride and we’ve all been in it together. I’m just overwhelmed with joy.”

On being a part of this senior class that led Nebraska to Super Regionals
“It’s just a really exciting feeling. It’s great to know that we did lead this team and wanted to feel as one together. I think we did a really good job of letting the freshmen transition as smoothly as possible, helping them in any way we could.”

Senior Brooke Thomason
On staying focused during the delays
“We’re just so close together that when we have to have those breaks, we are able to collectively relax and enjoy our time together. I think that because we’re so close and able to turn that switch so quickly, as soon as it’s game time we’re able to have fun and bring it onto the field with us.”

On Alicia Armstrong’s home run
“Alicia’s a great athlete and she always surprises you with whatever she does. When something like that happens at the beginning of the inning, it gets the rest of the team going and ready to continue the rally that she started.”


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