Tulsa Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Tulsa Head Coach John Bargfeldt
Opening Statement
“It was a tough loss to swallow. I felt like our players had a lot of energy today, and I just felt like there was a break that didn’t go our way - like a softly hit ball to shortstop that produced their first run. We made some good pitches in that situation; you just can’t predict where the ball is going to go. Lacey (Middlebrooks) did a great job. She hasn’t pitched that many innings in quite awhile. She got a little erratic in that one inning walking a run in, but then did a great of keeping us in the game after that so we could have chance. We felt like that was what we needed to do if we were going to move on.  We needed to use our full staff, and she really came up and gave us six big innings.”

On the growth of Tulsa throughout the season
“That is the thing we have to do as coaches. We have to shift gears and remember what happened all year, instead of just remembering what happened here at the end. The last three games of the season, we are really disappointed and it doesn’t resemble how we played all year. Our hitting has been so much better during most of the year which is why we have struggled to accept how this went here this weekend. We have faced good pitching all year long. The team came out of the chute and played tremendous ball against some highly ranked teams, and teams when you look at regionals you see those teams winning the regionals. That’s why it’s disheartening for me because I know how we have played against those teams and just came up short this weekend.”

Tulsa Pitcher Lacy Middlebrooks
On the breaks UNI got
“It’s tough after all this time being a down ball pitcher and getting ground balls. It is hard to say you accept it. Sometimes the ball looks like it was hit harder than it actually was, and so I give it to the defense for being able to play solid defense. The pop fly to second is different because we don’t throw a lot of screwballs, so the ball doesn’t pop up which put us in an odd spot.”


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