2008 Husker Olympians

By NU Athletic Communications
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Brian Duensing
Team USA

The Duensing File

Adam Stern
Team Canada

The Stern File


                                  Cycling (Road)

Amber (Parkinson) Neben
Team USA

The Neben File



Karina LeBlanc
Team Canada 

The LeBlanc File

Brittany Timko
Team Canada 

The Timko File

Amy Walsh
Team Canada 

The Walsh File



Sheena Lawrick
Team Canada 

The Lawrick File

Robin Mackin
Team Canada 

The Mackin File

Lori Sippel
Team Canada 
(Head Coach)

The Sipple File


                                                        Swimming & Diving

Therese Alshammar
Team Sweden

The Alshammar File

Adam Pine
Team Australia

The Pine File




                                Track & Field

Györgyi Farkas
Team Hungary

The Farkas File

Dusty Jonas
Team USA

The Jonas File

Team Canada

The Lopes-Schliep File

Dmitrijs Milkevics
Team Latvia

The Milkevics File

Ineta Radevica
Team Latvia

The Radevica File

Pieter Smith
Team South Africa

The Smith File


                           Women's Gymnastics

Peggy Liddick
Team Australia
(Head Coach)

The Liddick File



Brad Vering
Team USA 

The Vering File


         United States Olympic Committee

Jim Scherr


The Scherr File

  • Years at Nebraska: 1981-84 (wrestling)
  • Position: USOC Chief Executive Officer (since 2005)
  • USOC Bio
  • Nebraska Bio




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