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Pinnacle Bank Arena Frequently Asked Questions

By NU Athletic Communications


General questions regarding Pinnacle Bank Arena ...

General Questions | Men's Basketball | Women's Basketball


When will the new Pinnacle Bank Arena in downtown Lincoln be completed?

The new Pinnacle Bank Arena will be completed in the fall of 2013, in time for the 2013-14 men's and women's basketball seasons.  It will be located in the Haymarket District in downtown Lincoln.

Will all the Husker basketball games be played there?

Yes, the Nebraska men's and women's basketball teams are under contract to be the anchor tenants of Pinnacle Bank Arena, according to a 30-year lease agreement for all regular season home games.

What other events might take place at Pinnacle Bank Arena?

Outside of men's and women's Husker basketball games, the Pinnacle Bank Arena could host concerts, high school and college events and other sporting events. The city has commissioned SMG, which also operates Lincoln's Pershing Center, as the management company.  SMG will be in charge of all other scheduling.

How many will Pinnacle Bank Arena seat and how will it be configured?

Containing 470,400 square feet, the new Pinnacle Bank Arena will seat 15,391 fans when configured for Husker Basketball games.  It is divided into two bowls (upper and lower) and three levels (100, 200, 300) with Premium Seating Suites and Loge Boxes located between Level 100 and Level 200.  There will be 73 concession points of sale and two private Club Lounges, one located on the Main Concourse (Level 100) and one on the Premium Level Concourse.  There is seating for the disabled just off the main and upper concourses.  There are 115 total wheelchair positions and 115 wheelchair companion seats in the new arena.

Will basketball ticket prices increase significantly when the move to Pinnacle Bank Arena occurs?

It is the goal of the Athletic Department to not raise men's or women's basketball ticket prices in the immediate future.

I do not have season tickets, but I want to get them when the Huskers move to the new arena.  What do I need to do?

Go online to and fill out the short waitlist form for either men's or women's basketball season tickets and information will be sent to you.  A new landing page has been created at

When are ticket invoices sent and due?

Season ticket invoices for both men's and women's basketball are mailed in late summer prior to the season, or as soon as the schedules have been set.  Payment for season tickets are generally due 30 days after invoices are mailed.

What can you tell me about parking? How much will there be and what will it cost?

Parking will be controlled by the city.  The city will establish the prices, but this has not been determined at this time.  More parking information will be available through the city in 2013.  There will be at least one new parking garage on location as well as several surface lots making parking much improved.  While some of the parking will be reserved for premium seating ticket holders, there is the potential of 5,000 or more stalls near the arena.  In addition, there will be a Festival Parking area south of the public works building near Haymarket Park.  A new pedestrian bridge will come from the Festival Parking area and will land at the northeast corner of the arena, approximately 28 feet off the ground, and also connect to the east side at ground level as well. 

Will there be a center scoreboard, and stat boards similar to those at the Bob Devaney Sports Center?

Nebraska will be the first school in the Big Ten Conference to feature an HD (6 mm) center hung video board for its basketball games.  There will also be ribbon boards, stat boards, a state of the art sound system and many new fan amenities to enjoy.

What events will now be held at the Bob Devaney Sports Center after the Husker men's and women's basketball teams move? The Husker volleyball and wrestling teams will move their events from the NU Coliseum to the Devaney Center beginning in 2013.  The Devaney Center will continue to host Nebraska track and field, swimming and diving and men's and women's gymnastics competitions.

Questions Specific to Husker Men's Basketball Season Tickets ...


General Questions | Men's Basketball | Women's Basketball

What is the timeline for Husker men's basketball season ticket holders?


April 2012 -- All season ticket holders (STH) will receive a notification of their assigned comparable seat locations and annual contribution requirement (if applicable).  All STH will have opportunity to accept comparable seat location and donation (if applicable), request a change in location/donation, request additional seats, or cancel season tickets for the 2013 season

May 2012 -- Reminder sent to STH that have not responded to notification sent in April 2012

August 2012 -- Final notification sent to current STH and waitlist accounts indicating seating location and contribuion requirement (if applicable)

September 2012 -- Remaining season tickets on sale through the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office

December 2012 -- Contribution statements for Pinnacle Bank Arena seating mailed

March 2013 -- Contributions due for Club Seats at Pinnacle Bank Arena

April 1, 2013 -- Contributions due for contribution-tied seats at Pinnacle Bank Arena (non-club seats)

I am a current men's basketball season ticket holder.  Is there anything I can/should be doing now?

Not at this time.  We wanted to get you the timeline that we will follow for the seating process and give you an opportunity to view the model.  If you are looking to get different seats with a different view than what you currently have, we ask that you please wait to request changes until after you receive your preliminary seating location in April. If you like the new comparable view seats assigned to you, then you can simply respond to the notification letter of comparable seating which will be mailed to your address of record in April of 2012.  If you do NOT like the new comparable view seats assigned to you, then you will be able to note the changes you would like to see for your season tickets at that point. Your request would then fall into the allocation process which is based on availability, per seat contribution, priority points and years of purchase.

Will there be a donation required to get seats at men's basketball games?

All of the seats in the lower bowl will have a basketball-specific donation required in addition to the cost of the seats.  To view the contribution map of the lower bowl/Level 100, please go to  Donations required are as follows:

Courtside seating .......       $3,000 per seat

Club Seating ...............        $1,000 or $750 per seat, depending on location

Lower Bowl Seating ...      $250, $100 or $50 per seat, depending on location

Upper Bowl Seating ...       $50 per seat or NO donation, depending on location

Who do I contact to purchase Courtside Seats or Club Seating?

The Nebraska Athletic Department is in charge of selling the Courtside Seats, Club Seats and all the general seats in the arena for Nebraska men's and women's basketball games. The Club Seats are located in the lower bowl in sections 117 and 118.  They offer great views of the events and exclusive amenities. Club Seating includes access to arena event tickets, convenient parking adjacent to arena, a private entrance, and access to the Club Lounge and private rest rooms. For more information on Club Seats, please contact the Huskers Athletic Fund Office at 1-800-8 BIG RED or at (402) 472-2367. Season ticket holders who choose to purchase Club Seating for Nebraska Basketball in Pinnacle Bank Arena will have an opportunity to work with Legends Sales & Marketing (LSM) to purchase the concert and event package for other events that will be held at Pinnacle Bank Arena. Athletics will notify LSM of those club seating accounts that would like more information on the package.

What Premium Seating options are there?

There are 36 Suites at Pinnacle Bank Arena, all located on the Premium Level Concourse between Level 100 and Level 200.  All but one of the 30 Pinnacle Bank Arena Suites available for lease ($45,000 to $65,000 per year) are either committed or sold.  There are also 20 Loge Boxes, located on the Premium Level Concourse between Level 100 and Level 200 (same level as the Suites).  Loge Boxes are like modern-day opera boxes. They feature food and beverage counters, chairs on casters and a television monitor. Loge Boxes include tickets to all arena events, convenient parking adjacent to arena, a private entrance, and access to the Club Lounge and private rest rooms.  Suite sales and loge seating in Pinnacle Bank Arena are being organized and sold by Legends Hospitality LLC, which reports to the City of Lincoln. Ben Wrigley, with Legends Sales & Marketing (LSM), is the sales representative and can be reached by phone at (402) 261-9154 or by email at

How will seating be assigned for current men's basketball season ticket holders at Pinnacle Bank Arena?

First, the NU Athletic Ticket Office, working hand in hand with the HAF Office, will assign Pinnacle Bank Arena seating by a comparable view from your current season tickets in the Bob Devaney Sports Center as the seating configuration will allow. The athletic department is working on this process now and plans to have information in the hands of current ticket holders in April 2012.  Current men's season ticket holders who have seats behind the home or opponent bench may not be able to have the same sightlines as before, because UNL students will have six rows of seats on the side court behind the team benches as well as in an end court section.  After current season ticket holders have received their comparable view assignments, all season ticket holders will have an opportunity to: 1) Accept the location and the donation amount required (if applicable); 2)  Request a change in seating location; 3)  Request additional seats; or 4)  Cancel season tickets.  Confirmation will be due to Athletics by mid-May of 2012.  A reminder will be sent in early May to season ticket holders that have not responded to the notification sent in April and the final notification will be sent in August indicating seat location and contribution requirement, if applicable.

How will seating be awarded for new requests for men's basketball season tickets?

All requests and locations for seating for men's basketball will be awarded in the following order: 1) availability; 2) annual basketball-specific per seat contribution; 3) priority points; 4) years of purchase.  For men's basketball, there will be an annual basketball-specific contribution requirement attached to all seating located in the lower bowl and some of the upper bowl of the arena. Contributions currently being made to the Rebounders Club will be applied toward donation-tied seating in the lower or upper bowl. However, contributions being made toward other sports or for other sport season tickets will not be applied to your new seats at Pinnacle Bank Arena.  If you have questions regarding your current giving levels or to which sport your contribution is applied, please contact the Huskers Athletic Fund Office or the Nebraska Athletic Ticket Office at 800-8-BIGRED.

When are contributions due for men's basketball?

Contribution statements will be mailed in December of 2012 giving fans a chance to pay their contribution amount in 2012,  However, contributions for club seats are not due until March 1, 2013.  Contributions for all other non-club seats are due April 1, 2013.

Where will the Husker team bench be located for men's and women's games?

Both the men's and women's home team bench will be on the east side of the arena.  The Husker (home) bench will be on the north end, while the visiting team bench will be on the south end.

Questions Specific to Women's Basketball Season Tickets ...

General Questions | Men's Basketball | Women's Basketball


Will there be a donation required to get seats at women's basketball games?

There are no donation-required seats at Pinnacle Bank Arena for the women's basketball games at this time, except for the courtside seats which will still require a contribution. 

How will seating be assigned for women's basketball at Pinnacle Bank Arena?

Current season ticket holders for women's basketball will be transitioned into seats in the Pinnacle Bank Arena with comparable views.  For women's basketball, there is not a designated student seating area behind the home and visitor team benches, therefore, these comparable view seats will be available. Recognizing that the women's basketball home bench will move to the north end of the east side of the court in 2013 instead of the south end, women's basketball season ticket holders can rest assured that they will have ample time at a later date to request a change in seat location.  All requests and locations for new women's basketball season tickets will be awarded in the following order: 1. Availability; 2. Annual basketball-specific contribution; and  3. Priority points and years of purchase.  


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