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Nebraska Player Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

#17 Nebraska 49, Southern Miss 20
Saturday, Sept. 1, 2012
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Junior Quarterback Taylor Martinez
On the offense's performance

"We've been practicing all along like that against our defense. We knew as an offense that our offense was really good and we've just got to be able to keep our momentum going. I don't think anyone can stop us if we keep going like that. We have so many dynamic athletes out there."

On how he would describe the 2012 offense
"It's exciting just because we can finally go out there and show what kind of offense we actually are. I think the offense this year is a little different than what it was last year."

On the passing options available
"We knew that, even if Rex did go down, we wouldn't skip a beat because we have four great running backs with Braylon (Heard), Imani (Cross), (Mike) Marrow and Ameer (Abdullah). We knew Ameer was really good."

On his visible comfort
"We have a great offensive line this year and I know that they're going to get me pass protection. It depends on all sorts of pre-snap coverage and stuff. So right now, I actually know where to go with the ball. Last year I was guessing. This year I actually know where to go with the ball."

Senior Defensive End Cameron Meredith
On his comfort level

"I was comfortable at times. I felt like a lot of our blitzes have that peel coverage, it's called, where the end has to take the running back. I felt there was a little too much separation at times to where they got a five yard gain or what not, but I was kind of worried about the wheel route. That's why there was separation. But week by week we'll adjust it, see how close we'll play to the guy or what not."

On how he likes the position
"Yeah, I think it's fun. As a defensive end, you get to cover a back and kind of do something different than you always do, so I like it."

On the defense
"I felt like we could have done a lot better. The positive side to that is we ran a lot of different stuff. We had some missed assignments here and there, but I think we got a lot of good stuff on film to learn from. I think that was part of JP's (John Papuchis') deal. I think he wanted to throw a lot at them. I think he wanted to see how we would do with all those calls and different looks. I think we handled it well. I feel like Southern Miss did a good job of adjusting to that and odd-balling out and whatnot."

On how Southern Miss played
"All their coaches are new coaches. We really didn't know what to prepare for. We were watching three different films during the whole week, so we really did not know what they were going to throw at us. We prepared every type of defense, every type of offense we were going to see. I felt like we were prepared and I felt like we did a lot of stuff today that we can learn from."

"I have over 200 people going to the game. I have players, friends, coaches, teachers, family, all of that. It's going to be a fun homecoming game, almost. It's my senior year, plus I know a couple of guys on the UCLA team, so it's going to be a good time."

Senior Linebacker Will Compton
On his first sack

"It was kind of my first one. I missed a few last year. It felt good to get that out of my system. I was excited about it."

On defense
"We do have to get better at tackling. Overall I think we did a pretty good job. We were aggressive as far as calls. We threw in a lot of stuff and I thought that was a good thing, especially with the new faces out there on defense. They got to go in it with a lot of different calls thrown at them and I thought they handled it well. I know their jitters will be out of their stomach going into next week. But we'll look at the film and we'll go from there."

On preparing for Southern Miss
"I thought we were well-prepared. We had to prepare a lot of different things that they were going to throw at us. They weren't as dynamic as we thought they would be with all of the stuff we watched. They tried to execute a few plays and they just tried to execute their side of the ball. We made adjustments. They did a few wrinkles in their blocking schemes with things. I thought we made the right corrections and adjustments at halftime and on the sideline. It wasn't overwhelming out there, I guess I'd say."

On how offense's performance effected defense
"It's great. We knew they would do that. Yeah, the stats are overwhelming what they did, but we knew they would execute. That's what you practice all off season for since January. We put in all that work. Who's to say they can't go out there and do that every series and I know that's what they expect. That's what we expect of the team. It's awesome when they're out there doing that."

On how defense performed today
"We did all right. We could have done way better. I know, individually, I had a few missed tackles that I should have made. I know that guys want to get their own mistakes back on missed tackles, shoelace tackles, things like that. So I thought the way we tackle could improve. We gave up 13 and they're a good football team. They won a dozen games last year. I guess that's good. We always want three-and-outs. We always want to get off the field on third down. We didn't do that as often as we'd like and I think we'll improve upon that."


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