Junior Running Back Ameer Abdullah Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Football
Weekly Press Conference
Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 (Memorial Stadium)

Junior Running Back Ameer Abdullah

On how his body is holding up
“Pretty good. I don’t know exactly where I am in comparison with last year, but I feel like I’m pretty fresh and the coaches are doing a good job of taking care of me and everyone in the offense right now.”

On his awareness of where the 1st-down stick was on the big 4th-down play
“Once I got turned around I saw the orange marker and I knew it was make or break. Get it over or the game is over. I thought I had it. I was surprised that they even reviewed, but I was later informed that they reviewed if Ron (Kellogg III) had crossed the line of scrimmage or not. That was nice.”

On if he had time to think on the 4th-down conversion
“I didn’t even know there was three guys. All I remember was seeing No. 46 and I saw him the whole game. He was a heckuva a player. I saw him, so I knew for a fact I had to make him miss or he was going to make the tackle. I don’t even remember three guys. I’ve seen the clip now and I’ve come to realize it was three guys. For me, I just had tunnel vision on the 1st-down marker.”

On his reaction to the Hail Mary
“I know I went berserk. I know that. I think I ran down to the North end zone and I just like jumped 30 feet in the air. It was a great moment. You saw the team rush the field. It’s always good being a part of something like that. Something you will never forget.”

On how to come down from that emotional high and focus on Michigan
“Just watching film. The late-game win on Saturday was great, but watching film we saw a lot of mistakes. We saw a lot of things that we shot ourselves in the foot with and it was humbling. The film really pointed out a lot of flaws right now both defensively and offensively. I feel like that was enough to bring us down off our high horse. Understand we have a great ball club we are playing against this Saturday. They are going to be hungry for a win. They just lost to Michigan State. They are going to be hungry and they are going to give us their best shot.”

On what he needs to work on after seeing the film
“I got to finish things better. Got to be better in my pass protection. Obviously, got to be better finishing my runs. Stuff like that.”

On if he understands where he ranks in Nebraska running back history
“I feel like I’m set up to do it. I got the team behind me. I got the O-line. That’s the big thing. We’ve had two guys down now – Spencer Long and Jake Cotton – guys are just stepping up no problem handling their assignments not missing a beat. I’m set up to do it, so I feel like I owe it to them. It’s not something I’m accomplishing, it’s something I really owe to my O-line, my receivers and this coaching staff to show them that I really believe in what we are doing and I really believe in them – thank you. That’s what I want to do for you guys.”

On Coach Pelini saying he could easily play on Sundays and how often he thinks about it
“Honestly, I think about it all the time. You watch every Sunday after you play on Saturday and you say ‘Man, Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, all these premiere backs’. You never understand where you are in comparison to those guys. I feel like I’m light-years behind those guys when I watch them.”

On going to the Big House
“It’s going to be fun, man. The Big House two years ago, they killed us up there. I was kind of shell-shocked. I didn’t play much but just being there. Michigan fans are nasty, man. They are ruthless. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s Big Ten football. They always sell out. We got a lot of young guys and we got to bring them down to planet Earth and make them realize just to stay with your techniques and do what you’re taught and we’ll like the results.”

On Michigan having some strange blitzes
“I just have to really get in the film room and really get a feel for what their tendencies are. Know what alignments they like to blitz in. Know what fronts they like to blitz in. With every team it’s all about just watching film. They are very well coached and got a lot of good players. Obviously and I just got to get in the film room and understand schemes.”

On what he attributes his durability to
“I feel like the combination of the coaching staff knowing when to let you go and pull you back, and me making sure I’m taking the extra time, any free time I have to really get treatment. I know we’ve had a lot of injuries but we’re relatively healthy for the most part. That’s a lot of our players understanding it’s a long grind. It’s not just go week-in week-out and not expect to have bumps and bruises and not take care of them. That’s definitely a must at that point.”

On how good it was to see Ron Kellogg III make the big play
“It’s great. Ron is a hard worker. He never gets down on himself. I know a lot of times Taylor (Martinez) has been in and out and you can see a guy lose confidence in himself, especially when they are playing the majority of the year and having to sit out and watch Taylor come back. Ron is a great leader and that is something he really possesses. When he’s on the field, you can really feel the troops rallying around him. Same thing with Tommy (Armstrong Jr.), you really like to see those guys compete. It couldn’t have happened for a better person.”

On that play giving the team motivation
“Yeah, it’s just like last year. Every game we were down and had to come back. Some miracle games like Michigan State. We always tell our team we are in the exact same position as last year. We can either pack it up and say try again next year or you can fight to the end.”

On why everyone loves Ron Kellogg III
“Just hang out with Ron for 20 minutes and you’ll see why he is likeable guy. He’s funny. Funniest dude ever. We have the most intense Madden battles on the team. Me and him. Me and Ron, we’re always hanging out every other day. Ron is just a good guy to be around. He’s always looking out for the other people around him other than himself. Very selfless.”


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