For his first press conference, Bo Pelini wore a red jacket to salute Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne.
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The N-Sider's Five Favorite Bo Pelini Quotes

By NU Athletic Communications

Randy York's N-Sider

For Coach Bo Pelini’s first official game-related press conference of the season, The N-Sider has come up with a new format – Five Favorite Bo Quotes for those who live in the fast lane and don’t have time to be a Husker sponge.  Let’s start from No. 5 and work our way up:

5) On playing a potential neutral site game in the future: “If the schedule sets up right, we’re not opposed to it. We’ve actually had that conversation with Shawn (Eichorst). We’re not going to shy away from playing anyone, but it has to fit right with the schedule.” Personal opinion: I like the idea of finding the right foe and the right place where Husker fans can show the world why there’s no place like Nebraska.  Anyone remember a full Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City when Nebraska and Oklahoma State played?  Fun.  Powerful.

4) On I-back Ameer Abdullah’s improvements: “He worked his tail off like he always does in the off-season. He’s stronger and maybe a little bigger. He’s probably more explosive than he was.”  Personal opinion: Ameer more explosive? Talk about getting shot out of a cannon. One can only imagine the bonus points for the Heisman.

3) On any plan for backup quarterbacks Ryker Fyfe or Johnny Stanton to see the field when a game is on the line: “We’re going to play to win the football game. We’re going to do what we need to do.”  Personal opinion: Nebraska has triple-deck depth at quarterback.  Tommy Armstrong Jr.’s back-ups are solid athletes and promising prospects.  Remember Bruce Mathison, a quarterback from Superior, Wisconsin?  He lettered at Nebraska in 1981 and ’82 and was a career third-team QB who ended up playing seven years in the NFL.  Fyfe and Stanton have the same kind of character, and they will be just as persevering as Mathison, who never let a depth chart minimize the faith he had in himself or his teammates.

2) On specialist Sam Foltz accelerating his skills and developing into a prominent punter: “Well, I know one thing. I’m not coaching him because I don’t know much about punting.”   Personal opinion: So much for the “Bo Knows” crowd which gives Pelini folklore status in knowledge and toughness.  Of course his self-deprecating comment drew a laugh from the media, and I couldn’t help connecting the comment to his cat, which has softened Bo into saying things we thought we’d never hear.

1) On Bo’s Bob Devaney/Tom Osborne-like red coat attire:  “You know, it’s the 125th year (of Nebraska football) and I wanted to pay my respects to Coach Devaney and Coach Osborne.”  Personal opinion:  Bo quipped that he was trying things on for game day and didn’t have time to change. He admitted he likes the look.  Who knows what his next move might be?  With a more outlandish Bo, anything’s possible.

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