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Huskers Storm Past Cyclones, 49-27

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska vs. Iowa State Postgame Quotes
Iowa State Head Coach Dan McCarney

"My congrats to Frank and his team, they're a classy program and an excellent team. They deserve the number one ranking. I'm not going to give you a patented speech, we're sick and disappointed that we didn't win this game. We went out to win this game not look respectable. We're still a good football team and we can still reach the goals we set at the beginning of the season. Are players didn't quit and Sage was outstanding, we have a lot to build on coming out of this game. We played Nebraska so much better than we have in the past. We played a lot of good snaps and some good Big 12 defense. We're coming out of this game 4-1 and relatively healthy and a lot of good things can happen if we keep improving."

James Reed
"I think this team, we got a good chance to win some more games. we just let it get away from us in the fourth quarter. we just have to go into practice this week and work hard.

Dustin Avey
"It is a strange game. we played the first three quarters great just like any defensive team would want. They ran the option great and they executed what they needed to execute and they made some big plays in the fourth quarter and that put them on top. We came out ready to go, we played hard, we fought hard, we were tough, we did everything we needed to do to win, except in the fourth quarter and to be a contender and to be where we want to be in the season we have to learn how to finish those fourth quarter games. I have no regrets after this game, I think we played hard, we played tough, we did what we could. it's just one game. I don't think it was fatigue at all. I don't think fatigue was a factor at all."

Kevin DeRonde
"We did some things, but we didn't do enough. We just gotta come back next week and make sure we fix those holes. Until we turn this program around, we need to learn to play fourth quarters. There's no ifs ands or buts, that's just the way that it's got to be.":

Kyle Knock
"We go into every game just trying to win and we focus on the team at hand. We played as hard as we could and it just wasn't good enough today."

Adam Runk
"We were expecting the option and that's what they ran. we were hoping we could play a little better. Field position is always big and that's part of special teams and we didn't play real well on special teams today. Really, we haven't all season. special teams is huge. We got to work on that and we have to pick that up next week."

Sage Rosenfels
"I'm a little sore, but I'm a little sore after every game. Our o line did a really good job I though, almost the entire game. We stopped ourselves more that they stopped us. The little things, like dropped passes, penalties, me not reading the right guy. Whatever it was I thought we stopped ourselves a lot today, but we have to give credit to them. When you play with them for basically three and a half quarters it's a pretty close gap. We've improved a lot and now we're playing with a lot of confidence. It wasn't enough today for a lot of reasons. One because we didn't make the plays we needed to and two they are a really good football team. They are a heck of a team and I thought we gave them our best today. I could've told you it was a big game before the season started. It was a big game and it was wild out there but the guys really kept the composure on our team. I think the great thing is that I'm just one of many leaders on this team, the seniors, the juniors and the guys that are really valuable for the team are the leaders of this team. I think this game does a lot of things for us. It gives us confidence that we can play down to the wire with the best teams in the country and it shows that the reason we lost is because we beat ourselves."

Nebraska Head Coach Frank Solich
"It was a good win for us. We gave up some big plays, but we also had some of our own. We knew this game would go four quarters and the plays we made in the second half was the difference. We wanted to utilize the option game more and that was evident in the second half. We made some nice adjustments and our defense and special teams stepped up at the right time."

On Eric Crouch:
"Eric gives us that extra dimension to win ballgames and make the big plays. He gives us his best every day. He was extremely sharp throwing the ball in the second half and he moved on and played great after the interception."

On Iowa State:
"ISU has certainly improved. They are playing with confidence and it took us into the fourth quarter before we could control the game. Sage had a great throwing day and his receivers were excellent as well. They have the ability to make big plays and they made some today."

Kyle Vanden Bosch
"I have been working to make the big plays in practice, and as a senior and captain, I needed to step up and make them today. We knew it would be a battle because this is a good team. Sage is a gamer and really elusive in the pocket. He doesn't look like the best athlete in the world, but he has some great ability and can step it up and make big plays. Today we showed flashes of a pretty good defense and the interception in the fourth quarter was a key play for us. It came at a great time and our team kind of got inspired after that."

Eric Crouch
"They (ISU) are definitely a program on the rise. They hung in there for four quarters and fought hard. We were really frustrated at halftime and we came out and played a great second half. We just executed much better as a team. We felt that we could pretty much move the ball at anytime, so that was why we were so frustrated at halftime. I personally don't focus on how much yards I get, I like to look at overall team yardage. I felt good about our offensive production today.

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