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Turnovers Costly In Loss To Eagles

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan Postgame Quotes


Opening Comments:

First off, I just want to give credit to Southern Miss and the way they played today.  They were very opportunistic in several areas of their play on defense especially. 


When you turn the ball over the amount of times that we did today, you are going to lose in any game and that’s unfortunate. 


There were a lot of good things done on the field.  I felt we improved in certain areas of our play and it’s just really disappointing and unfortunate to see our players have a game taken away by themselves.


On the defense

I thought our defense played really well today.  We turned the ball over twice in the first half and our sudden-change defense stepped up and limited Southern Miss to six points and I thought that was just outstanding.


Our defense set the tone for the second half with a big pick and provided an opportunity for us to score in that first series in the second half.


On special teams

They were vastly improved.  We made some changes at the kicker, we made some changes at the punt return spot and I thought that they provided excellent play for us.


On Joe Dailey

He’s in a position where he’s got to make plays and that’s the nature of that spot.  He didn’t have his best day and we’re all aware of that.  There’s a lot of pressure on that position and that’s the nature of it, and that’s the nature of being a quarterback in the West Coast Offense.  He’s going to mature, he’ll learn from this.  I’m optimistic, I’m positive that he’s going to continue to get better. 


On Dailey’s confidence

I try to keep pumping him up on the sidelines, keep him going.  I do understand that you can be behind by 3, 6, 9, 15, in this offense and be right back in it with a couple of throws. 


We’ve talked about that at length in terms of how a quarterback can manage his system and be right back in it in a couple of plays.  That certainly was indicative at the half.


On the last series

We were changing personnel groupings with no time out left on the clock and we were trying to get the ball in the end zone, take some shots in there and we did have confusion on one substitution that cost us.


I felt very assured that we were going to score down in the red zone.  I felt confident about our plan.  I thought our coaches did an excellent job preparing for the red zone but we just didn’t execute.


On punt returns

We felt very confident about Santino Panico going back fielding the ball and making those decisions.  For a young freshman to come in and do what he did under the pressure he’s under was outstanding.  I thought he handled the ball excellent today.


On Cory Ross

He’s done well.  He’s a feature back.  He’s complete, you watch him on screen passes, on zone plays, on the perimeter.  He’s excellent in terms of his pickup and where he’s going in protection.  We really like him.  We just don’t want to overuse him.


On the loss

We’re disappointed.  This is a game that was there for the taking and we gave it away.  There’s nobody to look at but ourselves.  But now we have to look at the positive things we did and build on those.




Nebraska Player Quotes


Jay Moore

On playing again after being injured during past seasons:

It’s great to be back on the field again. I haven’t played a game in a while, so it’s nice to run around and make plays.


Cory Ross

On his big rushing performance:

Whatever I can do to help us win. I tried my hardest to help us win today, and it didn’t turn out that way.


On his views on the West Coast offense:

I like the offense a lot. We did some great things with it. If you see, we have great stats, but the turnovers are what killed us.


On the turnovers

I thought we could have won here. It’s hard to watch that game and see a lot of things we did wrong that could have been easily taken care of. All those turnovers, like coach said, you get what you get. Turnovers—you can’t give the ball away in this game.


On the offense moving the ball:

They have a great D-line, and those (line)backers are some of the best I’ve ever played against. I commend them for doing a great job of keeping us from getting into the end zone in that first half. We came out (in the second half) trying to juice the crowd up and get some scores, and we did. But like I said, you have to protect the ball. You lose games when you turn the ball over as many times as we did.




Daniel Bullocks

On bouncing back from the loss and playing at Pittsburgh next week:

We have to capitalize on defense, make more turnovers. It’s going to be our first road game, so we have to play it out on (defense).


On the turnovers by the offense:

Stuff like that happens, we just have to play good defense and hope for the best with the offense.


On the Southern Miss receivers:

They were nice receivers. They came out to play just like we did.


On the lack of turnovers caused:

That will be our goal when we go to Pittsburgh, to create more turnovers and put the offense in a better position. First it starts in practice, then it carries over to games.




Grant Mulkey

On hauling in a pass, despite a big hit:

On that hit, he got me pretty good. I was gasping for air, and it hurt pretty bad for about 30 seconds. But it gave us some momentum and we scored a touchdown.


On his first touchdown:

I wasn’t expecting it. I just got inside the safety and Joe (Dailey) made a good read and a great throw and I was just lucky to make the catch.


On contributing while being a walk-on:

Being a walk-on, it’s just more motivation for me. I really don’t see myself as a walk-on anymore, I just go out there and try to make plays.


On the performance of the offense, despite the turnovers:

We’re going to focus on not turning the ball over, but we showed some great things today. We’re just going to focus on those good things, try to have some better ball security and come out next week ready to play.


On the turnovers:

It’s not all on Joe (Dailey) at all, not by any means. It’s a team effort. We play as a team and we lose as a team. We’re just going to work as a team to get better, and hopefully next week we can mend some of our mistakes.

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