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Blackshirts, Special Teams Lead NU to Win

By NU Athletic Communications
Cory Ross rushed for a career-high 194 yards and two touchdowns in the win over Missouri.
Cory Ross rushed for a career-high 194 yards and two touchdowns in the win over Missouri.
Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

Nebraska Player Quotes
Defensive tackle Titus Adams
On the performance of the defense:
We just came out today and it showed how great this coaching staff is and how hardened the team got. All of the fans supported us and even the people who kind of swayed from us helped us, too. That helped bring us together. We just went out, played together and came up with a big win.

On making Missouri one-dimensional:
Like coach said, everything they do, we practiced for it. It just all comes down to execution on defense, and we all ran to the ball. There were a couple of missed tackles out there today, but every time there was a missed tackle there was 11 guys to the ball. Every time it popped up where a tackle wasn't made, there were three, four, five or six people on top. We all played together today.

On the pressure applied by the defensive front four:
We've been talking about emphasizing the pass rush all year long, and today it just showed. Hopefully this can be another starting point to just keep it going.

Offensive guard Jake Andersen
On moving the ball against Missouri's defense
They have a good defense. They have a great scheme, great coaches and they have great players. We knew if was going to be tough for us. We were going to have to keep plugging away at it and we'd break one out once in a while, like we did at the end. It's just a credit to the whole team. Everyone on offense, we kept fighting when things didn't go our way.

On eliminating turnovers:
It's definitely a big key every game. Every game we talk about winning third downs and taking care of the football. Today we took care of the football, but we didn't do too well on third down. There's still a lot of work, but today is just a great victory for us.

On the effect of the wind on the passing game:
The wind was really swirling down on the field, so we knew up front that we were going to have to put a lot on our backs and have to run the ball. We want to always put the pressure on our backs and we want to lead the offense. We did that today.

Adam Ickes
On his touchdown from the blocked punt:
(Andrew) Shanle's so fast that I knew he'd get through there. We've been working on it every week, and we always have an opportunity to make one. But we just hadn't done it this year. Shanle came through, I saw him block it, and no one was blocking me. The ball bounced up in the air and I just ran over there. I don't really remember it too well.Shanle made the play, I just finished it off.

On the elevation of play on special teams:
All of the coaches have been involved in it the last couple weeks. We're pretty critical of ourselves, getting where we're supposed to be. We just try not to overrun the ball, fall back and make a play when it's there.

Chad Sievers
On stopping Missouri quarterback Brad Smith from rushing the football:
I think it was just a whole team effort. We had guys flying to the ball. People have been saying that we've been missing assignments, missing tackles, and hey it happened today. But difference was we had that energy out there today. We were out there flying to the ball, all 11 hats to the ball, and just messing them up.

On backing up the statements he made during Tuesday's press conference:
I've been way too quiet this year, that's the bottom line. I take it on myself. I looked myself in the mirror last week, I wasn't playing well and I wasn't speaking up. When I play my best is when I talk. I came out and opened my mouth, and I think everyone got fired up. Other guys spoke up in the locker room and on the field together in practice this week, and we just all played together. We've never had as much fun out there as we did today.

On the magnitude of the win after losing two out of three previous games:
It's been a tough season. But it builds character and we showed our true colors today. We came out there, we balled and we had fun. Everyone is so happy right now, you would think we won the national championship. If that's what it takes on a week-by-week basis, for me to talk, I'll keep saying it.

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