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Sooners Stop Huskers in Norman

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan
Opening statement:
“Despite this loss, I was really proud of our kids today. They fought their butts off and I’m extremely pleased with Cory Ross and his efforts on the field. They’re examples of what we’re looking for. The way he competed on the field...we can’t say enough about his efforts. You have to give a lot of credit to Oklahoma. They’re a great football team.”

On Jason White:
“Their quarterback was phenomenal. He had an all-time streak there with consecutive completions. He’s very polished, very groomed and very knowledgeable in everything he was doing. He throws with a lot of precision. He’s special in every sense. He’s been here for nine years or so and the guy has done a great job. If you give this guy time, he’s going to pick you apart.”

On Nebraska’s game plan:
“To win the game -- that was our game plan. We were going to try to do our best to win the game.”

On if it bothered him that Oklahoma’s starters were in the game late:
“No, not at all. We just have to keep playing football.”

On Cory Ross’ effort:
“He was phenomenal ... exemplary in everything we’re looking for in terms of a true competitor. Talk about an individual who gives his all and puts it on the line week after week with the injuries he sustained tonight and the one coming into the contest. This is a true competitor. He’s a warrior to me in every sense. My hat goes off to Cory Ross. It was great to see him get over 1,000 yards tonight. He deserved that.”

On kicking the field goal with one second remaining:
“We wanted to score. We were still trying. We’re going to keep trying to score no matter how many seconds are on the clock. I felt compelled to go for the field goal.”

Nebraska Linebacker Ira Cooper
On playing Oklahoma:
“They were very good. Offense, defense and special teams they’re real good. They made a couple big plays in the first half and they were very good on converting third downs.”

Nebraska Quarterback Joe Dailey
On what the final field goal meant:
“It means a lot. Every game you play, you try to stick it to people. I felt they tried to stick it to us. I think those three points kept us from being shutout and having them walk away with any increase of feeling. Every week you go out, you don’t just want to win by a touchdown or by one point. You want to be successful and stack games and stack points. That’s how you are successful.”

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops
On control of the game:
"They did have that one drive there toward the end. For both teams, it really was a fast game the way it all played out." 

On being prepared:
"I felt good about the way they practiced. They practiced well all week. There were three days in a row where we practiced as well as we had all year. We came out and executed well and had very few penalties overall."
On Antonio Perkins:
"It was good that he could get back in for his last game here in the stadium. To go out like ... we are really happy for him. He got back there and played really well."
On Jason White:
"Jason was unbelievable once again. He continues to amaze you in what he is able to do. The ball is a little bit slippery and the grass is wet and people take it for granted that he's in there executing in a great way."

On Gayron Allen's interception:
"It is great to see that for him as a senior. He's such a good player. He stepped in there and made a nice catch."

OU Quarterback Jason White
On only throwing one interception in the last five games:
"As far as taking care of the ball and making good decisions, this is the best stretch that I've had.  I've grown up and matured in the system knowing that you shouldn't force something if it's not there."

OU Wide Receiver Mark Bradley
On making big plays:
"They tried to get the ball to me and I had to make plays.  Being around a lot of great athletes makes my job easier.  You have one of the Heisman Trophy winners, a receiver who was up for a receiver award and the line.  Being around tremendous athletes makes our job easier."

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