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Husker Defense Shuts Down Texas A&M

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Coach Frank Solich
Opening Comments
It was a great football game. The coaching staff is tremendously proud of them. They responded with a great effort, and we knew it was going to take a great effort to beat Texas A&M. I think it's one of those days where you get a few things going for you, and the other team doesn't. And before you know it, you're steam rolling. It's a tough loss for A&M. They are a very good football team.

The defense played a great four quarters. They stopped them on the ground, and it really hurt A&M in terms of finding an offensive rhythm. On our side of it offensively, we did some good things. But we have been our own worst enemy throughout the course of the season. I think we were again today in the first half with the turnovers. When we've been stopped, we've contributed to being stopped with turnovers and penalties. But I think the effort on both sides of the ball was tremendous. I have to give our players credit for their tremendous effort.

On Nebraska's defense
It wasn't as much the design of what we were doing as much as how well our players were playing. You didn't see a lot of breakdowns. Guys were at the right spot. They were getting to where they needed to be with speed and quickness. When you do that defensively, you always have a chance.

Right off the top of my head, I can't think of any other defensive that played dominating football throughout four quarters against a good offense. Without question, our defense controlled that football game.

On Nebraska rover and All-American candidate Mike Brown
Mike Brown is a tremendous player. I hope that he's able to get the recognition and gain the honors that a great football player gets. He's been tremendous for us throughout his career here, but certainly this year he's been great. You just see him game after game make plays. His attitude is outstanding. He's a tremendous team leader. A guy like that deserves to get it all, and I'm kind of pressing for that for Mike.

On Nebraska's offense
I had to slap myself when we were fumbling and blowing some scoring opportunities in the first half. Early on, it was certainly a struggle. It was anybody's ball game. We were passing over some scoring opportunities. Many times, those will come back to haunt you. It was a bit uneasy. But as we kept pressing forward with it, things started to work themselves out and we took control of the game.

On Nebraska's offensive approach
The first half, we tried to spread the ball around a little bit. We were working out of some one-back sets. The second half, we came out and got in more traditional sets and ran the ball at them. We decided to make them spot the run. They seemed to get worn down a little, and that became a big plus for us.

On Nebraska's state of mind
I was fine with the team's state of mind after the first half of the Kansas game. We struggled. But I think that football team was really down - probably more so than most people realized. But they fought back in the second half. I saw them come back to being their old selves in the second half against Kansas. Everyone wanted to make the plays. Everyone was busting to get things done. When that started to occur, I knew that they were getting over what they needed to get over (the Texas game).

On Nebraska's scoring offense
No team scores on every possession. I think that if you're a coach, you want that to happen all the time. But all in all, they have put quite a few points on the board. I've been pleased, but in games against excellent opponents, you need to make the most of every opportunity that you have. Some of it came down to figuring out what was going to work against A&M's defense. Some of it came down to execution, and some of it came down to taking care of the ball.

Texas A&M Coach Head Coach R.C. Slocum
On the A&M offense:
“We played horrible offense. We were very inept. We couldn’t run the ball. When we tried to pass the ball, basically we couldn’t protect long enough to get the ball off. We had a very disappointing day offensively.”

On NU’s defense:
“I have a lot of respect for their defense. At the same time, we should be able to perform better offensively than that.”

On blocked field goals:
“It’s very disappointing. It’s something we’ve worked on; the trajectory of the ball was too low. We worked hard on it this week in practice with the kickers. I thought we had it worked out, but we didn’t.”

On Nebraska’s Fans:
“I am very impressed with Nebraska fans. This is one of the classiest places I have been in all of my years of coaching. My contact with the fans here have been great. I have been some places where they have good football teams and played well, but the fans are every bit as classy as the team is. That’s the way college football should be. I really expected, had the outcome been different, I have every reason to believe they would have been the same way.”

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