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Huskers Rout Wildcats, 41-15

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Coach Frank Solich
Opening remarks
I would just like to congratulate our players, our coaches and our fans. This was just a tremendous win. I thought our team played very, very hard. We did a lot of good things in the game on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game. We beat a very good football team. The Kansas State coaching staff and team needs to be congratulated for the kind of year they've had up to this point. But in any case, I feel very, very good about our team and the fact that we're moving in the right direction. We're doing some good things. Certainly, there are things you need to work on, as you probably noticed in the game. We'll start on those things on Monday. We have an off-week, but we will work Monday through Friday. We won't demand too much out of them, but we will try to maintain the tempo and the continuity that we have right now. Hopefully, we'll go into the week against Colorado getting ready to play a very good game against a very good team.

On Nebraska's defense
I don't think there is any question that Kansas State struggled to move the ball. That opens up a lot for you in terms of your team and your approach. The defense did a great job again. It seems that we always have 11 guys on the field who are working tremendously hard and getting done what they need to get done. We're an athletic defensive football team in terms of speed. They're playing on top of their game right now.

On Nebraska's offensive approach
It's something that works itself out. We go in with a game plan and see how it works the first few series, knowing that we will have to make adjustments. It became obvious that there were some things we could get done against them. They've got a really good defensive team. We felt that we had to get something done on the ground, because if you try to drop back and throw all night, you're going to be in trouble. We got enough going on the ground, and we were able to mix in some throws. We hit some and missed some. But all in all, the approach was good, and the players did a great job.

On Nebraska's fumbles
Certainly, it's a problem we've faced. It starred us in the face again today. It's something that we've addressed. We're going to have to have Dan (Alexander), Correll (Buckhalter) and Dahrran (Diedrick) to get this thing finished out right. We will have to count on all three of them. The thing I hope has not happened is that Dan and Correll are not so discouraged that they have a hard time bouncing back. They're great athletes. They had some misfortune today, but that's football. It can happen to anybody. You need to come back. When we did go with Dahrran, I had as much confidence in him as I did in Eric (Crouch).

Ten fumbles? That's rough. It certainly didn't help us any. Normally when you do that, you're on the losing side of it. The players rose about that and played tremendous. They did what they needed to do.

On where Nebraska sits in the BCS rankings
I really don't know. I'll see how this game plays into it when the voters vote and we start to see where we're sitting. We're playing well right now, but there are other teams around the country that are playing well also. We're just going to have to see where the system puts us. Hopefully, the two best teams will play in the national championship game.

On the importance of defeating Kansas State
I think the timing of this victory makes it tremendously important. The fact that we beat an undefeated team and the fact that they were ranked very high are tremendous pluses for this program. Our players wanted to get it done in a convincing manner, and I think they did that today.

On Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch
Eric was tremendous. He showed a great deal of athletic ability and a great deal of heart. For a quarterback to do something with the football as many times as he did in terms of the running game and also be valuable to what we did in the passing game is vital. We're tremendously proud of what he's done this year. We have a lot of players who played great out there. I'm really thankful that the seniors were able to go out this way.

Quarterback Eric Crouch
On the Nebraska offense:
We had a really good week of practice and it showed today. However, we still have some things to work on, we need to continue to work on holding on to the ball. I think our program made a big statement today beating a top-five team and showing how good of a team we are. Everyone gave their best effort and played hard for four quarters. It was impossible to get last year's loss out of our minds. It was tough loss, but we knew we would have the opportunity today to show what we could do as a team. We are really making a lot of progress. Our timing and team chemistry is good and we're playing very good football right now.

Rover Mike Brown
On the Nebraska defense:
I thought we played very well as a defense today. We did some things really good, but there were some things we could have done better. We stood up strong and made big plays all day and that was really gratifying. I think today we showed that we can play pretty well when we want to. We go into games planning to dominate and play well every series and by putting pressure on the quarterback, things just started to happen.

Rush End Kyle Vanden Bosch
On the Nebraska defense:
We're really having fun out there playing and blowing people up. Right now are confidence is through the roof. We feel like we can shut any team down.

KSU Head Coach Bill Snyder
“We weren’t very good, not very good at all, I think, probably in a lot of phases of the game. It was pretty obvious. We turned the ball over too many times. I think we lost four fumbles and two blocked punts. I don’t know how many points that turned into, but that is a bunch of points on the board that we provided for them. But they played awfully well too, except for the fact that they turned the ball over too, but our turnovers seemed to be a little more costly.”

“We got ourselves into a position, or at least I let us be in a position to make some bad choices that probably let them score. But we were just unable to get anything going, other than at the end of the half we got a play, but outside of that, not a whole lot to write home about.”

“I made a lot of bad descisions. Going for the on-side kick ended up being a bad descision. I think at the end of the first half, I gave them a safety by not throwing the ball out of our endzone. Probably throwing the ball at the end of the ball game when we were really incapable of protecting well enough to do that.”

“I was a little disappointed in the fact that we were trying a field goal to begin with. To have the ball in such good field position and not be able to run the ball on the first drive. We had to settle for attempting a field goal. That was a little disappointing, and obviously getting it blocked wasn’t a good feeling.”

“Well, he got 150-some odd yards and that is pretty dog-gone good when you are a quarterback. I think Micheal (Bishop) rushed for about that last year. Crouch had 130-some last year. So he found the answer last year and we didn’t. He did a nice job. He does a very nice job executing their offense. I think their offense in total does a nice job in executing, other than the fact that they are turning the ball over some.”

KSU receiver Quincy Morgan
“This is Nebraska. You can’t get behind like that. They’re not going to let you come back. They’re going to keep kicking you.”

KSU linebacker Ben Leber
“He’s a pretty elusive guy. He’s extremely fast. He’s just a great quarterback. His knees can be a quarter-inch from the ground and he can still pitch it. He’s got so many threats. He’s probably the toughest quarterback we’ve faced.

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