Huskers Go One-on-One

By NU Athletic Communications
Assistant Coach Jay Norvell believes NU's quarterbacks are making strides this spring.
Assistant Coach Jay Norvell believes NU's quarterbacks are making strides this spring.
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Lincoln—The Nebraska football team continued spring workouts Monday afternoon with a full-pad practice inside Memorial Stadium. The Huskers went through red zone and situational drills during the two-hour workout.

NU held its new one-on-one drill, which matches a defender against a member of the Husker offense, for the first time Monday. Assistant Coach Jay Norvell was pleased with what he saw from the exercise.

"I thought it was good," Norvell said. "You can’t hide in a drill like that. It’s just you and your teammates, and it’s a physical drill. We’re trying to teach guys to win one-on-one match-ups and win in pressure situations. You can’t hide from the spotlight. You’re in front of your teammates, and you have to win for your teammates. I think our kids will learn from it."

Norvell also commented on the status of the continuing quarterback competition, as well as the removal of the quarterbacks’ green no-contact jerseys for this spring’s camp.

"We’re still not where we want to be (completion) percentage-wise, and some guys have had better days than others, but in the long run I think we’re making improvement," Norvell said. "The guys are learning by getting experience, and that’s what we wanted. We wanted high-reps and familiarity with these plays, and they’re starting to get that now.

"We took the green jerseys off (this spring)," he said. "Coach (Callahan) will tell them when they’re live and when they can take shots. We still want to protect those guys, but they have a lot to learn. We can’t afford anyone to get hurt, but we don’t want them to think they’re invincible."


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