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Sept. 11
Callahan Wants Fans 'Revved' and 'Amped' for No. 1 USC
So it’s USC week. Bill Callahan and his staff are camped out in their offices in Lincoln, and Pete Carroll and his staff are hunkered down in LA. The lights are out, the film is on and the little red laser is pointing all over the place trying to detect one team’s advantage over the other team’s weakness.

























































Hear Coach Callahan talk about the role Husker fans will play vs. No. 1-ranked  USC.

Callahan and Carroll “may not sleep at all this week because they’ll be trying so hard to out-scheme each other,” Nebraska Athletic Director Steve Pederson laughingly told USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett Monday night on Pederson’s radio program.

Garrett, USC’s first-ever Heisman Trophy winner, said he’s seen Nebraska on TV forever, but never been to Lincoln. “We all finally get to go there and see for ourselves that sea of red,” Garrett said on Sports Nightly. “We’re excited about going back to where Johnny Rodgers played. There can’t be better football fans anywhere in the country.”

Aha, finally, we see a role Nebraska fans can play in this first No. 1 team to visit Memorial Stadium in 29 years. For those 81,000 Husker fans lucky enough to get a ticket into this nationally-televised showdown, there is something you can do – take the noise level to an unprecedented level.

“I know this. They (the Trojans) are going to come in, and they are going to try and audible and check. They do a lot of things at the line of scrimmage, so our fans, our fan base, our stadium . . . it has to be revved up ” Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan said Sunday on his weekly TV show.

“It’s got to be amped up like it never has before to really try and diffuse those checks at the line of scrimmage,” Callahan said. “So, the louder, the better. And hopefully, this will be the loudest stadium ever in the history of Nebraska.”

Tuesday, when someone asked how important crowd noise would be against USC, Callahan didn’t hesitate to seize another opportunity to drive home the same message at his weekly press conference.































































What's the loudest game you can remember at Memorial Stadium?  Here is just a sampling from Huskers.com staff. 

  • 1978 (17-14 win #4 Nebraska over #1 Oklahoma)
  • 1986 (34-17 win #8 Nebraska over #11 Florida State)
  • 1987 (17-7 loss #1 Nebraska to #2 Oklahoma)
  • 1992 (52-7 win #8-t Nebraska over #8-t Colorado)
  • 1994 (24-7 win #3 Nebraska over #2 Colorado)
  • 2001 (27-10 win #5 Nebraska over #17 Notre Dame)
  • 2001 (20-10 win #3 Nebraska over #2 Oklahoma)
  • 2006 (22-20 loss #17 Nebraska to #5 Texas)

Respond to Randy with comments on these games or others that you think would qualify as loud.

“It’s a huge, huge, huge difference,” he said. “I hope our fans out there are listening because I don’t think I have to encourage them to be loud. These are the best fans in football in my eyes. I’m anticipating a loud venue on Saturday night.”

USC Coach Pete Carroll is anticipating the same thing. “I’m sure Nebraska will give us everything we can handle,” Carroll said Tuesday at his press conference. “They’re a fantastic crowd. They get all ramped up. It’s a great atmosphere. That’s what the home field is all about. The crowd is going to do everything it can to make it difficult for us. It’s tremendous opposition, I’m sure. As a team, we have to play over and above all those factors.”

Carroll and Callahan, two former NFL head coaches, love the college crowds and relish how much they can influence the outcome of a game.

For Nebraska football, there seems to be a statistic for just about everything except crowd noise. For that, your opinions are the only stats that count. So, here’s the question: From personal experience, what is the loudest game you can remember watching at Memorial Stadium?


Another great example of the Power of RedGene Wojciechowski's column on ESPN.com. It's about Husker fans who donated Wake Forest tickets to military veterans.


Editor’s note: Randy York is Chief Communications Officer for the University of Nebraska Athletic Department.

Readers Respond to Randy

The 1978 NU victory over Oklahoma would definately top my list.   Other 12th Man credits should go to the Memorial Stadium crowds who cheered the Huskers on to victories over Missouri and Kansas State in 1970, Alabama in 1977 and Penn State in 1979.  Vocal crowds in Husker losses vs. Oklahoma in 1974 and 1976 should also be commended. 

--Kevin Horn, Alliance

The loudest game I remember was NU vs. Iowa State 2005. NU won in double overtime.

-- Nathan

Texas coming to Lincoln last year is by far the loudest game I have ever been to in my 18 year history of pilgrimages to Memorial Stadium.

-- Justin Anderson

Hi Randy. I’ve been coming up to Lincoln to Husker games since 1994.  The 2 loudest games that I’ve attended were K-State in 1999, and OU in 2001. The K-State game in '99 I think was so loud because all us Huskers were upset because they beat us for the first time in 30 years the year before. The tuba section came up to where I was sitting in the South Stadium, and were five or six rows in front of us playing, and we couldn't hear them at all.  The OU game in '01 exploded when Eric caught the T.D. pass from Stuntz.  My ears rang for a day or two after.  I can't be there for USC, and it's killing me.  ... ALL HUSKERS MUST be as absolutely intense as humanly possible. I'd give just about anything to be there, and would LOVE to cover one kickoff.... Yell for me Husker Nation. Yell for all of us.

-- Joshua Reed

The loudest crowd I remember was the 1978 OU game.  Not only was the crowd deafening for the entire game, but due to the way the game ended they stayed in their seats and roared for thirty minutes after the game was over.

-- Mike Mahoney

I was sitting in the first row of the south end zone right behind the goal post for the 1994 Colorado game.  To me this was the loudest I have ever heard the stadium.  I remember Colorado entering the field right before the tunnel walk.  I honestly think the entire spectacle of the pregame and the incredible crowd noise got in the heads of the Colorado players and coaches.  The crowd was so loud the entire game.  It was awesome, and something I will never forget.  The 1992 Colorado game was incredible also.  The crowd noise was great.  Freshman Coy Detmer had no clue on the field.  When they brought Kordell Stewart in, he was sacked for a big loss his first play.  The north end zone scoreboard simply said "WELCOME KORDELL."  The crowd was insane.  GO BIG RED!!!!

-- Rich Watson

The loudest crowd I have ever heard at Memorial Stadium was last year's Nebraska vs. Texas game.  I remember turning to my brother and I go not hear his screaming over the crowd after the go ahead touchdown for NU at the end of the game.  It was amazing!

-- Scott

I attended every home game, as a student, from the 1995 season through the 1999 season and also have been to a few others, here and there, before and after those student years.  By far, I think the loudest game I ever attended was on September 26, 1998 when we played the Washington Huskies.  I remember, even at that time, looking at my friends in the crowd and saying "I don't think I've every heard it this loud before!"  It was a great non-conference game and blowout for the Huskers.  Now, as an alumni and season ticket holder, I will be making the trip to Lincoln for the USC game.  I can only hope to be completely blown away by the noise and watch our Huskers take down the #1 Trojans!  Go BIG Red!!!

-- Leigh Batten

I agree completely with the 2001 Notre Dame and Oklahoma games.  The stadium was absolutely electric for both of those.  My #1, however, was the 2001 Rice game.  Thursday night, 1st major sporting event since 9/11 and both teams are already on the field when the Tunnel Walk music starts up.  It seemed strange since we knew we weren't going to see the Huskers come out of the locker room, but then they had the representatives from the police department, fire department and military come striding out with the flags...that was a moment that I'll never forget.  It was as loud at that very moment as I've ever heard it in Memorial Stadium

-- Marc Boggy

Of your list of loudest games, I was only at the stadium for the games in 2001...and they were loud.  But both the Notre Dame and OU games that year were nothing compared to the 1999 Kansas State game in which we completely dismantled the Wildcats en route to the Big XII title in a redemption game over Texas.

Just prior to the Tunnel Walk, HuskerVision showed a replay of the 1998 NU/KSU game in which Eric Crouch was brutally tackled by his facemask, the worst no-call of my lifetime, on a potential scoring drive that would have given us the lead.  As the replay was shown, the stadium sprang to life, louder than I've ever heard it, and then Tunnel Walk that immediately followed just carried the momentum.  The noise didn’t drop the entire game, and our guys embarrassed KSU 45-15

-- Matt Kohl

The 1993 Oklahoma vs. Nebraska is in top 5 of loudest crowds @ memorial stadium

-- Jason Mitchell

No doubt about it the 2001 Notre Dame game!!!! My ears hurt!!!!!

-- Mike Semke


There is no doubt about it, last years game against Texas was the loudest crowd I have ever heard in Memorial Stadium.  You could feel the stadium shake beneath your feet. The best thing was that it was freezing cold and snowing, but that doesn't bother the greatest fans in college football. Let's go Husker Fans lets make the USC game the new loudest game ever.  GO BIG RED!

-- Preston Smith

We fans have a great opportunity to play a HUGE roll in this game Saturday night. There is no way that John David Booty should be able to audible as he normally does. The 80,000+ screaming / cheering / yelling Husker faithful can do something about that. God forbid we fall behind early, but if we do please don't give up. I know the players will not let us down, we have a job to do and I am begging my fellow fans to give all you have. I want Herbstreit to eat his words and admit that we were the better team that night, and we can play a big part in that. GO BIG RED !

-- Mark Studnicka

The loudest game I have been to has to be the Iowa State game two years ago that went into two overtimes and both were in my end zone, man it was loud!  I work construction and have worked on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier so I know what loud is.  I wish I could be there this Saturday but no tickets are available.  The fans will win this game for us!!!

-- Marc Tjaden

I was reading through your top 10, and realized I had been to all of the games that made your list.  I was only 8 years old for the 78' Oklahoma game, but for me that has to be the loudest game.  I remember plugging my ears for nearly the entire second half.  I also remember the amazing electric feel to the crowd for the 92' Colorado game..   I would like to issue a challenge to all who reside in the husker nation.  If you are not willing to stand and scream for the entire game  DON'T GO...give your tickets to someone who is your team, my team, our team needs the help    GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!

-- Scott Paulsen

Surprisingly I would have to add the 39-32 overtime thriller against Kansas last year. I remember several 3rd and 4th down plays where I turned to my wife and tried yelling in her ear and she still couldn't understand me! And I'll second all those other statements confirming the Texas game last year as the loudest.

-- Chris Russell

The loudest I've heard Memorial Stadium in my many visits were a night game when Oklahoma State came to town with Barry Sanders and company. It was ice cold out...with freezing rain, An OSU player tackled one of our guys after he scored a touchdown and was penalized for a late hit. The whole place went crazy, the next series when OSU had the ball, Danny Noonan crashed thru the line and hit what seemed like the whole OSU backfield ,starting what might have been the lowdest roar in stadium history. The crowd never let up on OSU, and the Huskers pulled away to victory

--Scott Harris

The Notre Dame game of 2001 is the loudest I remember.  It was a similiar setting to what is being set up for this Saturday.  Night game with College Gameday there in the morning.  Regardless of the official count I believe there was between 40 and 50,00 people there that morning which set the stage for the evening kickoff.  Notre Dame struggled throughout the first half which allowed the Blackshirts to take control.  Hopefully we will set the stage again for a huge Husker victory.  I do not see this as a must win, but it would INSTANTLY bring credibility back to the Husker program and vault us back into Top 10 status.  Go Big Red and to the thousands who are fortunate to attend - Keep the intensity and make it loud, all 4 quarters

J.T. Peterson

I have to say I love the fact that Husker fans can write in here and recall some of the most minute details from a game 25 years ago.  I am a younger man but have been going to Husker games for about 15 years and there already is many Husker memories burned into my mind.  I have been to most of the great home games since '93.  If you are talking about the loudest crowd and biggest buildup to a game, the 2001 OU game is at the top of the list.  Two old Big 8 foes ranked 1 and 2 in some polls duking it out.  Stuntz's pass to Crouch was the most exciting moment I've ever seen in that stadium, in a game that was marked by defensive effort just made it all the sweeter.  After the game was over, no one left for at least 30 minutes.  Cheerleaders and players stayed on the field and the crowd just kept starting chants GO BIG RED!  A great day to be a Husker.

-- Austin Lewis

The '94 Colorado game is definitely the loudest  I`ve been to. I can`t agree more with what Scott Paulson said, " Stand up and be loud or stay home and watch it on TV. " The crowd can make a huge difference here and if we don`t do our part then why would you expect anymore out of the players. The Huskers won`t win without the fans support. BE LOUD AND BE PROUD !!!

-- Shannon Morrissey


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