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By NU Athletic Communications

Defensive Lineman Zach Potter

On new Head Coach Bo Pelini

“I am real excited. I can not wait to get to working with him. I had a chance get recruited by him and stuff when I was in high school. I did not really get to be hands-on coached by him, so I am real looking forward to that. Like he said, he is going to be calling the defenses. He is going to be down working with us, so I am pretty excited for that."


On seeing LSU's performance last night and now having Pelini as your head coach

"That was really exciting. You can see the passion that he has on the sidelines that he has after a big play. He is all fired up. That is what you want to see in a coach and especially a head coach. We are really excited for that. He had a busy week preparing for that game last night and then having to deal with everything up here. You could tell he was tired, but he is excited and we are excited he is here."


On what he liked about Pelini when he was recruiting him

"Just his honesty and telling you straight forward what you had to do to get better and what you were good at."


On other returners feeling on Pelini

"I think everyone is really excited. We had an idea it was going to be him, but once he finally got named and we knew he was our head coach, it was exciting."


On is he has spoken with any of his teammates

"It really happened quick, because he has the meeting and then he came over here, but talking to a couple of the guys, everyone is really excited. You can just tell that he has that fire. People were excited to leave the meeting. They had smiles on their face."


On if he knew that Bo Pelini had been hired

“With all the speculation, the newspapers, the internet and people calling you, I had a pretty good idea of who we were going to hire, but no one really knew for sure until he walked in the door. It was kind of surprising you could say.”


What it was like when Pelini walked in the door   

“It was actually kind of funny. His plane had some problems getting here or something, so Coach Osborne was talking to us for a while and Bo walked in just real nonchalant. Coach Osborne said “Hey Bo, how are you doing?” He never really introduced him as head coach.”


Wide Receiver Todd Peterson

On his impressions of Coach Pelini

“He is an exciting guy. I came up to a summer camp when he was still around and I got to watch him a lot, and he is just a real exciting guy. There is one image I think of when I think of Bo Pelini in 2003. He was in the middle of a defensive huddle and they were all going nuts, jumping all around him.  It was good to see a coach have that kind of excitement.”


On how this week was for him during the coaching search

“It is definitely a good thing to have it over with. It is hard to explain really because you feel like you have ties to your former coaches. I still like all the guys that were here the past couple years, but I am extremely excited for this new opportunity.”


Former Linebacker Trev Alberts

On the defense

“It was a little disconcerting to see some of the effort in the past. We have a great tradition (at Nebraska). I should point out as well, the Blackshirts have not always been Blackshirts. It was not just the last three or four years where we have struggled. I remember giving up 500 passing yards to Chad May and Kansas State. It is nice to have a coach that is coming in here and understands the importance of a defense. He understands how to motivate. As a former Blackshirt, it is basically the sense of urgency you play with. That is what it means to be a Blackshirt. It is being able to trust the guy next to you. It is 11 guys getting to the football. We took pride in that. His one time as a defensive coordinator here, it was pretty obvious that he understood that. I stood next to Zach Potter and some of the other players (at the press conference). They have no idea how fortunate they are. I feel really good for them that they are going to have the same experience that we had. They are going to be blessed. It is great. I am happy for them.”


On Coach Osborne returning

“I think we should give credit to Chancellor Harvey Perlman in this situation for bringing Coach Osborne back. I think that took some vision. I think he understood the need. I think all of us collectively need to understand how lucky we are that Coach Osborne, at his age when he could do a lot of other things, took it upon himself and understood the importance of it. I think it shows how important it is to him that we had someone of his ability leading this search. If Coach Osborne says Bo Pelini is the right guy, then he is the right guy.”


On what was missing and what Bo Pelini brings

“What was missing I think was pretty obvious - a sense of urgency or maybe a lack of motivation. The previous coaching staff understood football. You do not get to the level they were at by not understanding X’s and O’s. But there is a difference between simply understanding and knowing football and then getting young people to respond. Bo Pelini has a track record of getting young people to respond. Coach Osborne spoke immediately about the importance of understanding Nebraska culture. He talked about character, but he also talked about a proven track record. I went through the stats. It is pretty impressive. You cannot even list them. What he has accomplished as a coordinator is pretty remarkable. I remember when he got hired here the first time. He had been a position coach and a linebacker coach with the Green Bay Packers. It took me about three games to say this guy knows what he is doing. It is the ability in the game to be able to make adjustments. I think the great thing is when you hire Bo Pelini, because he has worked with so many great coaches, the untold story is not that we just get Bo Pelini as a head coach. We are now one of the best coaching staffs in the country. I also want to say this is not one of those situations where we go through the process where we do not have any talent. The next year we have to teach them the system. In my opinion, there is a lot of talent here at Nebraska. I truly believe that. We have a lot of talented student-athletes. With the proper coaching and motivation, they are going to be competing for the Big 12 North again.”


Former Husker defensive back Lornell McPherson
On Bo Pelini being hired as head coach
“I’m real excited. I called Fabian (Washington) and talked to him and we’re all excited. This is it right here. This is where it starts. Get ready because it’s about to start. Bo knows. He knows a lot.”


On the 2003 Alamo Bowl win under Pelini

“It was a great experience. He knows what he’s talking about. I have a lot of confidence in him and I’m backing him 100 percent. He has my support. I’m just waiting to see what happens."



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