Nebraska Player Quotes

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Nebraska Player Quotes

Nebraska vs. Louisiana Tech


Senior quarterback Zac Taylor

On the two-minute drive at the end of the first half

“It felt great. We were all on the same page and we knew what we were doing. We just took advantage of what they gave us.”


On the offensive balance in the game

“It’s a credit to the offensive line. They gave us holes and I was only pressured one or two times. I was able to just stand back there and wait for guys to get open.”


On difference in confidence level from last year to this year

“I came in knowing that we can make plays. Last year I was just worried about not making mistakes and it’s a big difference.”


On the game slowing down

“It felt like the Colorado game from last year. When you score on four straight possessions, it is really fun.”


On senior tight end Matt Herian

“It was great to see him catch that touchdown. He also put a sick move on a guy in the open field.”


On the offensive line’s protection in the game

“I only maybe had two or three shots. It was great protection I had all day. The tackles were fighting their tales off and the interior linemen played great.”


Senior tight end Matt Herian

On his touchdown catch

“Everybody asked me if I was ready, and it answered all those questions.”


On the senior tight end’s opportunities

“Coach told us we would be a big part of the game. It just added a new wrinkle to our offense.”


On coming back from injury

“After the first few plays, everything was the same. Just get out there and have some fun.”


Junior linebacker Bo Ruud

On his third quarter interception

“We expected a pass and I faked a blitz. I read the quarterback’s eyes and hauled it in.”


On the speed of Louisiana Tech

“I didn’t get near the ball today. They ran away from me and the offense did such a great job, I didn’t even feel like I played a game today. I’m so fresh.”


On the grade he would give the team

“I would grade the offense higher than the defense. We need to clean a few things up. Our defense will only get better and this was a good starting place for us.”


Sophomore I-back Cody Glenn

On the depth at the running back position

“It’s working great. You all saw how we would do it. Once someone gets tired, someone else is ready to go. I was satisfied with my carries. Everybody got the carries they thought they would get. It’s the same way we do it in practice.”


On the offensive line

“They did a tremendous job. I knew they had it in them. They’ve progressed since the spring.”


On sophomore running back Brandon Jackson’s touchdown run

“When somebody does something, we are all cheering.  We wish the best for all of us.”


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