Louisiana Tech Head Coach Jack Bicknell Quotes

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Head Coach Jack Bicknell

On the Huskers' touchdown drive at the end of the first half

They did a nice job on that drive I thought. The quarterback (Zac Taylor) did a nice job. There was that one interception we almost got. That would have been nice. But we still needed to come out in the second half. That was kind of indicative of the day. I felt like we had opportunities to keep it close and then all of a sudden its 42-10 and then they got the one at the end. I never felt for a second like we were completely out of the game. Except for about five minutes left then I was getting a little worried. Other than that I just felt like we were in the game and we had opportunities to make plays and we just didn’t make them.


“I never felt we were just doing terribly on offense. I just felt like we were moving the ball and had a decent play. I hate these games because you wonder how in the world does it get out of hand like that?”


On the play of quarterback Zac Champion

“I thought he did a nice job. I really did. It was his first start and obviously in this environment it’s not easy. Against this team it’s not easy either. I felt like he did a very nice job. I felt like he held his composure pretty well. I felt like he made some good decisions with the ball.”


On the touchdown catch by Jonathan Holland

“It was a great catch. It’s the second one he’s had like that. He had another one like that against Nevada last year, too. It was a great play, a great catch. It was a really nice catch.”


On Nebraska

“They obviously do a lot of different things and I think their quarterback is a very good player. I don’t know if it was just me but they seemed to be very big. Just big guys. Everybody seemed to be big. Big tight ends, big linemen and big receivers. I think they obviously have some talent there. But again, I don’t want to sit here right now and say they just jammed in down our throats running the ball. I think they made some runs, but we missed some tackles.”


On Nebraska’s score at the end of the first half taking away the momentum

“I think so a little bit. You never want them to score. We could’ve been down four points (instead of 21-10). But you still have to come out the second half and stop them. It’s not like that was the difference in the game. But anytime someone scores late before the half that’s not great.”


On defensive coordinator George Darlington, former Nebraska assistant

“Coach Darlington is just a wonderful person, as everybody I’m sure here knows. He’s a man of great character, a great football coach and I’m very lucky to have him. Obviously with the knowledge that he has and the experience at a program like ours, we are extremely lucky to have someone like that.”


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