Louisiana Tech Player Quotes

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Louisiana Tech Player Quotes

Nebraska vs. Louisiana Tech


Quarterback Zac Champion quotes

On the start of the game

“It’s a little different obviously, coming to Nebraska for my first game. I was pumped up and the whole team was.  It took a little while to kind of get our feet underneath us, but once that happened we felt good and were just kind of like okay let’s just roll with it.”


On Nebraska’s offense

“They’re dang good passers.  They come off the ball fast and they’re after you.  It’s definitely one of those things where you have to get up under there and be tough and just take it because they’re going to come after you and they put it on us.”


On Louisiana Tech’s offense

“Overall, we moved the ball okay, but once we got in the red zone we just made mistakes and stuff like that.  We’ll get better as it goes.  Like I said, this was my first game and lot of the guys’ first games, so, we’ll get better as it goes along.”


Wide Receiver Jonathan Holland

On his touchdown catch

“It was an amazing catch. Once I caught it I was like ‘Dang I caught this like that?’ But it was great because we needed it to help us out and build up the momentum for us. It was a great thing for me.”


“The play is designed where if the cornerback is sitting to blow by him, which I did. So as I was running I looked up at the last minute and the ball was an arm’s length, so I reached out and caught it.”


On coming back strong after dropping his first pass

“I did drop the first pass, but I went to the sideline and my teammates never let me down. They kept encouraging me and telling me that you’re going to make plays and that the opportunity’s going to come back again. I just stuck with what they were saying and the opportunity arose once again.”


On Nebraska possibly returning to the top-10 or top-15

“I don’t want to take anything away from Nebraska. I feel like they are a great program, great tradition. I felt like we could’ve played with Nebraska, but we just had our ups and downs during the game. But I don’t want to take anything away from Nebraska. They’re a great team. As far as rankings, if they progress as the season goes, they possibly could be in it.”


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