Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan Quotes

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Nebraska Head Coach Bill Callahan Quotes
Nebraska vs. Louisiana Tech

Opening Comments
“I’m really proud of our football team today.  I thought they played well.  To capsulate the early portion of the game, I felt that our team squandered some opportunities early, but I felt that the second half we had the ability to separate.  But all in all I thought it was a good day for us.  We tried to balance the board with our running game.  We tried to feature some tight ends that we haven’t had an opportunity to yet.  Our defense I felt set the tone early.  I thought Jay Moore and Adam Carriker did an excellent job of setting the tone with a tackle for loss and a sack early.  All in all, it was a good day.  I think we’ll learn a lot from this game as we go in the film room tomorrow with the players.  From there, we’re just going to work to get better.” 

On the balance of plays
“I thought going into it that we could run the football and try to feature heavier personnel sets.  We had up to two, three, four tight end sets during the course of the game and I felt that we could blend in some play action with that.  So going in, it was a big day for out tight ends to practice a lot of their formations and movements and try to create some confusion.  I thought, all in all, our guys did a very good job.  It was a good game for us to get going, but we still have a long ways to go yet.”  

On tight end Matt Herian’s performance
“I was really happy for Matt.  I was really pleased that he could come back and have a great day.  I was happy that, going through all the things that he went through in his rehabilitation and the frustration he had with setbacks and his ability to overcome those setbacks, paid off today.  He put in a lot of hard work.  I couldn’t be more pleased for a guy than Matt Herian.  He did an exceptional job.”

On the performance and balance of the I-Backs
“I felt strong that all four would play.  I said that at the beginning of the week.  I was glad to see that come to fruition today.  I really believe that they all have equal ability.  There are some spectacular runs, some hard-nosed runs.  We try to play to each of their strengths.  Again, I thought they did a good job.  Of course, the last run by Brandon Jackson was an exciting run.  I thought we had them pretty worn out at that time, but nonetheless, I thought it was an excellent effort on that particular pitch play that we had going down there to the south end.  All in all, I think all those guys brought something a little different.” 

On Cornerback Cortney Grixby’s injury
“It was a stinger.  He was holding his thumb and I thought maybe he had re-injured that, but it was a stinger.  Ironically, we had both corners go down in succession, in back-to-back plays.  Grixby goes out with a stinger and then (Isaiah) Fluellen comes in with a knee injury, and just like that we’re down two corners and we’re scrambling.  But I thought we did a nice job of covering and plugging the dike at that corner spot because they came right back and attacked that position.  We just made some adjustments and I thought we did a real nice job of putting forth a contingency plan.” 

On Nebraska’s pass protection
“It was a very conservative protection plan.  We utilized primarily seven- and eight-man protection schemes to lessen the burden of the exposure of the quarterback.  When you’re running the ball a little heavier in those sets, you certainly have the opportunity to get into some of those heavier pass protection sets as well and try to utilize the play action a little bit more.  That was the plan going in and it really worked pretty well.”

On Quarterback Zac Taylor’s performance
“I thought he was very solid.  The one play that he got picked on, down there in the fourth and two, we had Todd (Pederson) open in the flat and I know (Zac) was trying to pull the trigger and he held it a little bit and then I think a hand went up and batted the ball and that created the turnover.  But overall I think he did very well.  I thought his third down execution was really good.  That’s what stood out in my mind, that he improved the things we talked about: his accuracy improvement, his decision-making, his ability to see the field.  I thought they were all excellent.”


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